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10 Dogs that wish they were the Easter bunny

These silly dogs have had a serious case of identity crisis. Turning up their own ears or adorning fake bunny ears, these pups need to be reminded that Easter is for bunnies, not for dogs!


Here comes Peter Cottontail

What do you think, Mom? Do I look like the real deal… or at least close?


This is not funny

As if the haircut wasn’t bad enough, she has to do this to me.


Bunny in hiding

Is that a carrot I see? If so, it would be safer if you set it down on the bed before I pounce you for it.


She’s lucky I love her

If my mama didn’t feed me, this would not be happening. OK, maybe it would.


Easter Bunny incognito

Do you think the kids will notice the black fur… or the bark?


Identity crisis

Is it a bunny or a donkey? No one can tell for sure, not even me.


Bunny onesie

I may be miserable, but at least I’m warm… and cute.


Picture perfect

Best day ever! Somebody pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.


Baby bunny ears

Do the ears make me look fat?


Baffled bunny

What, I’m not a rabbit. Wait, I’m so confused.

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