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10 Fun games you can play with your hedgehog

Get your hedgehog moving, and you will be in for some laughs. We’ve rounded up a few exercises and physical activities that are even better when a hedgehog does them.

1. Laps

Build your hedgehog’s endurance for all sorts of physical activity with some old-fashioned laps. Back and forth, back and forth.

2. Soccer

Call it soccer or football, hedgehogs love to bat around a ball. Added challenge: Create goals and play goalie.

3. Bowling

Did you know your hedgehog could bowl a strike? Just add some pins, and get ready for some fierce competition.

4. Dominoes

Who says your hedgehog can’t complete a mental and physical challenge at the same time.

5. Hide & Go Seek

A classic hide-and-seek game is fun and interactive for hedgehogs and their owners.

6. Name That Tune

Expose your hedgehog to the arts, and let it take a stroll down the keys of your piano. Or perhaps the strings on a guitar.

7. Dress Up

Forget playing dress-up with clothing. You can add some extras to your hedgehog with tape and a stick.

8. Race Cars

Take your hedgehog for a spin in your child’s favorite rolling toy. Or have a race between multiple hedgehogs to see who wins.

9. Foot Races

Make it a race to the finish line between your hedgehog and kids, or jump on in to the race yourself.

10. Obstacle Course

Place a few everyday items on the floor, and let your hedgehog navigate its way through a grueling obstacle course that tests strength, stamina and endurance.

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