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6 Things that instantly make your house look cleaner

Make it look like you’ve been cleaning your house for days in just a few minutes.

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We’ve all been there. Someone’s coming to visit, and the house is a wreck. There’s no time for a deep clean, but you can make it look like you’ve been keeping up with your chores. Use these sneaky tips to make your home look cleaner in an instant.


Clear the entryway

You want a place for your guests to hang their coats, right? Gather the coats, shoes and bags that tend to accumulate in that area, and move it all to a bedroom or closet.


Sweep high traffic areas

There’s just no time to sweep or vacuum your whole house, but do a quick once-over to high traffic areas, like the entryway, main hallways and living room — places you know your guests will see. Use a cordless vacuum like Hoover’s Air Cordless to quickly move from room to room.


Curb the clutter

Piled-up junk makes your house look worse than it is. If you don’t have time to put everything in its place, just fill a laundry basket with everything that’s not where it belongs. Store it in a closet or the basement until your guests go home.


Make the beds

Making the bed is the easiest way to make your bedroom look neat and tidy. Throw the covers up over yours, and send the kids to take care of their own. While you’re there, pick up any dirty clothes and toss them into a closet or hamper. Mission accomplished.


Empty your kitchen sink

Nothing says “I’m a housekeeping slacker” like a mile-high pile of dirty dishes. Patrick Flynn, CEO of Wicked Clean, says you should clear out the kitchen sink to instantly give your kitchen a cleaner feel. Do you have a dishwasher? Throw all those dirty dishes in there and shut the door. No one will be the wiser.


Remember the bathrooms

Drop some toilet cleaner in the water, and while you wait for that to work its magic, get to work on the rest of the room. Wipe down the sink and toilet surfaces, sweep the rugs (just shake them outside if you’re really pressed for time), and close the shower curtain. Are there wet towels or dirty laundry littering the room? Toss them behind the shower curtain — we promise not to tell. Swish the toilet with a cleaning brush and you’re done.

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Quick tip:

Debra Johnson, home cleaning expert and training manager for Merry Maids, says it’s important to pay attention to high-traffic areas when preparing for company. “Spruce up high-traffic areas such as entryways, kitchens and guest bathrooms… Walk the path your guests will take to enter your home and make sure things are presented the way you want — look for cobwebs, hair from pets and other quick cleanups.”

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