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Cleaning hacks ladies should steal from men

We’re not going to call our guys lazy. It takes a lot of thought to come up with some of these cleaning hacks. We’ll just say that guys are great at coming up with the easiest and fastest ways to get things done.

Couple cleaning

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Boys know how to get life’s little chores done so they can get on to bigger and better things. You know, like watching the game and getting hot wing sauce all over themselves. How do they whiz through their chores? By knowing shortcuts like these.

In the kitchen:

Microwaves are gross, especially when it belongs to a dude. But try microwaving a bowl filled with a cup of water for five minutes. The sludge slides right off — even those awful frozen dinner explosions.
Years of muscle-building protein shakes taught guys the importance of an easy blender fix. After your smoothie, fill the blender back up with soap and water, put the lid back on and turn it on again. All you’ve gotta do is rinse and it’s ready for next time.
Scary but awesome: Lemonade Kool-aid in the dishwasher will eat away lime and hard water stains.
Line your George Foreman grill with foil before you use it. When you’re done, you can toss the foil and keep your Foreman clean.
Dirty dishes in the sink and a hottie on the way over? That’s what ovens are for! (Right?) Stick all the dirty dishes in there and just order out… just forget about them or the next time you go to preheat you’re in for a nasty smell.

Use a window squeegee to remove pet hair from rugs and furniture. Or forget Fido and buy a lizard.

Tape a stick of deodorant near the heating or air conditioning vent. A scent Glade would kill for.
Wear those weird, extra-fuzzy chenille socks around on your tile and hardwood. They pick up dust and dirt. Bonus: Slather your feet in moisturizer before you put the socks on and treat yourself to the softest soles of your life.
Use the sticky part of Post-Its to clean out crumbs from between keys on your keyboard. And then wipe it down with some bleach. Because that thing is disgusting.


The biggest hack you can learn from men is that your friends should love you always, even if your sink is full of dishes or there are seven pizza boxes by your door that you keep meaning to take out for recycling. But you probably should clean your microwave.

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