10 Clever ways to turn your collections into wall art

Are your closets clogged with useless collections? Give them new life by turning them into clever pieces of wall art.

It’s fun building collections, but let’s face it, you end up with boxes of “cool” stuff you have absolutely no use for. Who really needs 15 hand mirrors or 25 antique cameras? You do, if you know what to do with them. Turn those awesome finds into clever pieces of wall art to display in your home. These bloggers did it, and they’re ready to show you how.



Photo credit: Funky Junk Interiors

Why not line an entire stairway with mirrors? All the better to see you with, my dear! Funky Junk Interiors took this project to the next level by overlapping and grouping the mirrors, instead of spacing them equally.



Every gal needs a few flattering hats, but you can’t really use more than one at a time, right? Save yourself some closet space and use them to style your room like this blogger did over at Making Nice in the Midwest.


Old silver

Photo credit: Ella Elaine

You don’t need a fancy china cabinet to display grandma’s silver. Hang it on the wall like the display that the blogger from Ella Elaine spotted at a friend’s house.


Hand mirrors

Photo credit: A Thing for Roses

The blogger at A Thing for Roses showed off some of her favorite spots in a friend’s home, and we instantly fell in love with this wall of antique hand mirrors.



Photo credit: The Purl Bee

You know that big box of fabric scraps you just know you’re going to use someday for something super creative? Follow The Purl Bee’s lead and turn those scraps into a wall of art using embroidery hoops. It’s not tricky as you might think, and they give you the step-by-step.


Children’s artwork

Photo credit: StephenEdwardGraphic

Admit it, mom. You have piles and piles of artwork from your kiddos that you don’t have the heart to throw away… but you still don’t know what to do with them. Turn a wall or hallway into a rotating gallery by installing a few curtain wires and this cute decal from StephenEdwardGraphic (Etsy, $24).



Photo credit: For the Birds

Get those pretty mugs out of your cabinet and onto the wall, just like the blogger did over at For the Birds.



Photo credit: Pursuit of Happiness

Don’t hide all those fabulous jewels in boxes. Instead, use frames to make sure they’re on display at all times, just like the blogger did over at Pursuit of Happiness. Bonus: Your necklaces will no longer be a tangled mess once they’re hanging on your walls and not sitting in a tangled pile in your drawer.



Photo credit: The Inspired Room

You can never have too many baskets… or can you? If you have more baskets than you have junk to fill them, take a cue from The Inspired Room and turn them into wall art.



Photo credit: Happy Tree Life

These old cameras from Happy Tree Life have been retired from their days of creating art. These days, they are the art! Just a few frames give these old beauties new life.

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