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6 Clever shower curtains that show your edgy side

Why not have a little bit of fun with your bathroom decor? You can start even your sleepiest morning off with a smile as you suds up behind one of these clever shower curtains. Yes, even before you’ve had your morning coffee.


YouTub shower curtain |

You’re about to become a viral sensation on this shower-specific social network. Belt out your favorite tunes, but try not to read the comments. (Perpetual Kid, $30)

Crime scene

Crime scene shower curtain |

This is the one time you can ignore that crime scene tape — unless you want to show up to work with unwashed hair. Thank goodness for dry shampoo. (Kikkerland, $20)

Lone wolf

Lone wolf shower curtain |

OK, it’s no Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, but it’s about as close as you can get in a shower curtain. Plus, you can feel good about a portion of the proceeds going to help art communities worldwide. (Urban Outfitters, $89)

Motley mustaches

Visual guide to facial hair shower curtain |

Give your guy some grooming tips with this visual guide to facial hair. Just don’t be surprised when he walks out of the bathroom sporting a new ‘do. (Kikkerland, $20)


Eco-friendly shower curtain |

You’re so committed to saving the planet, you’ll do anything it takes to save water. Let potential shower-mates know where you stand with this cheeky curtain. (Urban Outfitters, $39)

Candid camera

Polaroid illustration shower curtain |

Say cheese! And then be glad that this colorful Polaroid illustration doesn’t have any film to capture your morning routine. (Wayfair, $89)

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