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DIY Caged pearl necklace

Feminine pearls are the perfect trend-proof accessory to complement any outfit. They are always in style and always fabulous. This caged pearl pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that captures the beauty and simplicity of a single pearl.

DIY Caged bird necklace

Time: 10 minutes


  • 10 inches of 20-gauge wire
  • 1 pearl
  • 1 chain necklace


  • Jewelry pliers or tweezers
  • Wire cutters or sturdy scissors

DIY Caged bird necklace: Supplies



DIY Caged bird necklace Step 1: start coiling wire

Start by coiling your wire into a flat spiral. Keep on winding the wire around until you have a spiral about the same size in diameter as your pearl.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 2: make S shape

Start making a spiral in the opposite direction to create a figure “S” shape. This time you will be starting on the outside of the spiral and coiling the wire around inward. Once you get to the middle, snip off any excess wire you may have with your wire cutters.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 3: make clam shape

Gently bend the two spirals toward each other to create a clamshell shape.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 4: expand clamshell

Use your pliers to grip the ends of the wires in the center of the spirals. Gently pull the center of the spirals outward to expand the shape of the clamshell.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 5: Place pearl in sprial

Place your pearl in the middle of the spirals.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 6: adjust cage around pearl

Then use your fingers to gently adjust the wire so it will surround the pearl in a cage.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 7: Form loop at top of sprial

To complete your pendant, use your pliers to twist up the top of the spiral to form a loop. Tighten the loop if necessary to remove any gaps. This loop will serve as a place to thread your necklace through, so make sure there are not any gaps, or your necklace may slide off.


DIY Caged bird necklace Step 8: Complete

Thread your necklace through the loop you’ve just made and your pearl caged pendant is ready to wear!

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