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15 Films that would be better with a four-legged cast

We all love movies. And since a lot of our favorite classics aren’t as good when remade with humans, here are 15 films we would love to see featuring our favorite pets. While they are not available on film just quite yet, you can always purchase the posters to have in your home just for fun.


Jaws would be scarier as…


Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Forget a shark, it’s the fear of being attacked by kitty claws that you will fear the most (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


You’ve Got Mail would be cuter as…

You've Got Tail

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

We loved Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s version, but with AOL mail a thing of the past, the tail version is meant to outlast any and all technological advancements (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Back to the Future would rock the big screen as…

Bark to the Future

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Bark your way back to the future as you change the dog years of the past with this lovable canine (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


The Wizard of Oz would be amazing as…

The Whiskers of Oz

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Sure, the Wizard was deep, dark and mysterious, but nothing is better than the mystery of the great-and-powerful black cat (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


The Sound of Music would really sing if it were…

The Hound of Music

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

The hills are alive with this lyrical hound of music (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Fifty Shades of Grey could really be toned down as…

Fifty Shades of Greyhound

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

A bit more PG than the human version, this is a canine love story that is appropriate for all members of the family… with two or four legs (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Nineteen Eighty-Four would really shine as…

Nineteen Eighty-Fur

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

It’s not Big Brother watching in this movie, it’s the Big Bulldog. The little dogs must keep order or else… (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Pulp Fiction would be more quirky as…

Pup Fiction

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Mobsters, small-time criminals and punchy paw dialogue, this is one pup film that is for sure going to be met with the same obsession as its human big brother (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Single White Female would kill it as…

Single White Feline

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Single white feline seeks companionship of the human kind. But wait, is this the kitty you saw in the ad? Or is it her evil roommate in disguise? Watch to find out (Tails of Hollywood, $40 – $60).


Sleepless in Seattle would make you really say “awe” as…

Flealess in Seattle

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

This dog surely isn’t a sleepless widower in Seattle, but he is flealess and clean while he awaits barks over the radio with his new feline female (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Creature from the Black Lagoon would be creepy as…

Creature from the Cat Lagoon

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

No need to worry about the gill-man when you’ve got this webbed kitty on your tail (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


The Karate Kid would be action packed if it were…

The Karate Kitten

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

This kitten is as sweet as pie, but he’s got a dark side. Lucky for him a highly trained cat is about to teach him how to use his skills for good (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


The Phantom of the Opera would be funny as…

The Phantom of the Litter Box

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

After seeing this film, you may just start hearing beautiful music coming from the litter box. Just be sure to unmask your kitty to ensure he’s not the “phantomed” culprit (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


Casablanca would be even more classic as…


Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

Find out if this kitty chooses the love for the feline or the virtue of saving her kitty husband (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).


“Swimming with the fishes” might take on a new meaning entirely if The Godfather were…

The Dogfather

Photo credit: Tails of Hollywood

See who belongs in this “dogster” family in this suspenseful drama (Tails of Hollywood, $40-$60).

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