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10 Fun outdoor games

The weather is warming up, which means it’s finally time to head outside and embrace those sunny days. If you don’t have a pool, hanging out in the backyard is mostly about the food and conversation. But if you need to get up and get going, these fun outdoor games will have the whole family giggling and competing.


Backyard block game

Backyard block game |

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All you need are a few evenly cut wooden blocks and someone with a knack for stacking. Lay them three blocks wide, then take turns taking out pieces and stacking them on top. This giant set by blogger Holli Long at is a lot more fun when it topples over than those dinky little indoor blocks.


Outdoor Twister

Outdoor Twister game |

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Another take on a traditional indoor game, this version of Twister by skips the plastic mat for grass. Genius! Yellow, red, blue and green spray paint mark where players should place their hands and feet and have an official call out where they should place their limbs. Last one to fall wins.



Corn hole game |

A fun game with a funny name, cornhole is an outdoor classic. Plus, you can easily customize your own boards! Toss bean bags through the hole of these football-inspired wooden boards, or decorate with whatever tickles your fancy. will tell you exactly how.


Yard Scrabble

All you need is a lot of cardboard, paint and an English dictionary (just in case there are any word disputes). These letters are painted on traditional cardboard, courtesy of You can also assign number values the same way the board game does.


Rock checkers

What a perfect way to spend the day! This DIY checkers/chess board by begins with a flat piece of wood, then is painted in a checked pattern eight spots wide by eight spots deep. Paint a few rocks from the yard in black and white, then draw on the names or symbols of the chess pieces they represent.


Backyard mini golf

Backyard mini golf game |

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What can’t Mason jars do? If you’re feeling adventurous like, you can cut holes in the ground and place a Mason jar inside. Then, using wooden sticks and craft paper, create your own mini golf flags.


DIY ring toss

DIY ring toss game |

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This particular board by is football themed, but you can design it however you’d like. All you need are a few glass bottles, plywood, spray paint, rope, duct tape and glue to make this super fun and easy game that will entertain the kids for hours.


Water fun

DIY Slip and Slide game |

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This DIY version of a Slip ‘N Slide by gets super creative for $14. Plastic sheeting is the centerpiece to this summer staple, followed with yard stakes. Spray on the water and angle the sheet downhill for optimum fun!


Obstacle course

With some simple planks of wood, you can create your very own kiddie obstacle course like this one from Keep them active with wooden planks and other obstacles of your own devise.


Can toppler

You might not want cans crashing down in the house, but this noisy-yet-fun game is perfect for the outdoors. created an Angry Birds version of the summer classic, but you can paint these empty, used cans with acrylic paint for your own style. Add a heavy ball into the mix and you’re done!

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