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5 DIY fire pit ideas

Summer is coming, and although we can look forward to warmer temperatures (We won’t miss you, winter!) it can get cool outside at night. Break out those hoodies and relax by your very own homemade DIY fire pit. We can totally see ourselves roasting marshmallows on the open flame of these bad boys. They’re just so gloriously summer.


Cheap and easy pit

Upcycled fire pit |

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The creator of this fire pit over at used an old recycled washer drum and a few tools to create something undeniably beautiful and totally resourceful. With an apple grinder, a wire brush and black paint, these bloggers turned industrial beautiful. Plus, it’s practical and looks like a starry sky when it’s all lit up. Now all you need are some hot dogs and marshmallows!


Concrete flower planter pit

Concerete flower planter firepit |

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You probably have a concrete planter hanging around the house from when your flower planting experiment went wrong. This pit makes use of that old thing and combines fire-safe decorative stones, a fuel canister and grill grate, as demonstrated on the manly blog, Don’t let the blog’s name dissuade you though, miss lady. It’s an easy project that can easily be made and used over one weekend.


Fire pit for one

Fire pit for one |

This little fire pit can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its durable-yet-sleek design. To create this fire pit by, you’ll need marine silicone, glass frames, small fireproof rocks, metal mesh, gel fuel and a metal planter. Build two for the perfect end caps to a home design or simply place one on a table outside. You’ll keep warm and stylish at the same time.


Brick pit

Brick fire pit |

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Have some bricks lying around from your last project? Make good use of them with this über simple fire pit that uses nothing but bricks to create the perfect warming spot, courtesy of You can simply stack bricks closely, or cement them in for a more permanent structure. This is about as easy as they come! Plus, if you don’t cement the bricks, the fire pit is practically mobile.


Wok fire pit

This fire pit is ingenious! You probably know woks are great for cooking, but the bloggers over at used an industrial sized wok for this concrete pit. Using a concrete planter, they combined the bronze wok with a wooden stand, which would fit with any outdoor space.

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