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Courtney’s Corner: Inspiration to help revitalize your bedroom for spring

Mix patterns with abandon

Don’t be scared of pattern! This bed was inspired by the juxtaposition of stripes, chain links and geometrics. The combination may sound scary, but the results are a peaceful and calm bedroom. The mixing of patterns resulted in a relaxed and masculine space that is upbeat and unexpected, with the most unexpected touch being the black and white study of a hammer we used as our artwork.

 Patterns With Abandon

Continuing with our relaxed masculine theme, we paired a midcentury modern Saarinen table with a traditional pharmacy floor lamp. Aside from the obvious color connection thanks to the gray in both elements, each has a geometric quality that speaks to the duvet pattern. To break up the “gray parade,” a pale pink soapstone vessel houses a potted fern, and a small dish for change and jewelry provides a shot of bright blue. And yes, you can use pink in a masculine setting, as long as it’s in a natural form, as is the case for the plant pot.

Mix patterns with abandon 2

Since pattern and color are the heart of this bedroom, it’s important to ensure the linens are properly cared for, Shieh points out. To maintain your bedding and keep it looking fantastic, Shieh recommends that everything is zipped and buttoned before being placed in the wash. “Cold water and the low setting on your dryer are your friends,” states Shieh, as both will prevent your linens from wrinkling. Shieh also reminds us that “as tempting as it may be, don’t overstuff your washer or dryer. It always results with a date with your ironing board.”

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