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How to make your own wax fragrance bars

If you’re a fan of wickless candles, it’s time to start making your own custom scents with this fun how-to on DIY fragrance bars.

Whether you take the full DIY approach using cheap candles or just use your leftover fragrance bars to make them last longer, this quick and easy craft will save you loads of cash on those expensive fragrance bars we all love.

How to make homemade fragrance bars


  • Scented or unscented candles or leftover fragrance bar wax
  • Mason jar or another heat-proof container or a wickless candle warmer
  • Double boiler filled with water (if using candles)
  • Essential oils
  • Pot holders and/or tongs (if using candles)
  • 1-inch or smaller plastic or silicone molds

Quick tip: Create a double boiler at home by placing a stovetop-safe glass or metal bowl over a pot of simmering water. Make sure the water isn’t touching the bottom of the bowl to ensure you get the most-even heat possible.


If you’re using candles, clip the wick off the candles, completely removing it if you can. If not, you can fish it out later. If you’re using old fragrance bar wax, just collect it in a jar until you’re ready, or just make new bars each time you change your fragrance. We recommend opting for leftover fragrance bars created specifically for your burner, as some higher-end brands may have the warranty voided if you use non-approved wax.

If using candles, place them into the Mason jar and put it into a double boiler over low heat, and allow the wax to melt. In this case, patience is definitely a virtue as it may take some time. If you’re using leftover fragrance bars, you can just collect the hardened wax in a baggie and melt in the double boiler, or use your scent warmer to melt them just before use.

DIY molded fragrance bars: poru wax into container

Now is the time to mix in some essential oils. Pour your wax into a container that has a spout, and add the fragrance (if you used a double boiler, use pot holders or tongs to accomplish this, as you’ll want to work while it’s hot).

You’ll have to experiment to get the fragrance profile that’s right for you. For most oils, it only takes a few drops to get the right scent. Note that you have to work fast, especially with the fragrance bars. They start to harden immediately. Don’t worry if the outside of whatever container you’re using starts to harden a bit, so long as the center stays mostly “melty.”

DIY molded fragrance bars: pour wax in mold

Quickly pour the wax into your molds. If the wax gets too hard while you’re working to pour evenly, you can always rewarm it.

DIY molded fragrance bars: finished bars

Allow the bars to harden in the freezer, then you can use them in your scent warmer just as you would regular fragrance bars. These also make great gifts.

Handy tips

  • If you already have bars or cubes of the scented wickless candles you use, you can use the leftover molds they come in for the molds you use. Otherwise, you can buy small to medium silicone candy molds online.
  • If you used candle wax, always test a small bit of the wax in your burner before using a whole cube. Some types of wax don’t work as well in certain warmers. If you’re using your leftovers from previous scents, it should be OK.

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