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Easter egg place mat

Easter has always been about two things for me — an Easter egg hunt and an awesome Easter breakfast. Those are the two things I remember about Easter as a child, and now I’ve found a way to combine them with this fun Easter-egg-hunt place mat. Simple to make (older kids can help), no sewing and entertaining for all ages.

Easter egg placemat


  • Green place mat
  • 2 different shades of green felt
  • Assorted colors of felt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric paint (optional) 

Easter egg placemat: Supplies



Easter egg placemat: Cut sheet of felt in half

Start by cutting a sheet of green felt in half, making two wide strips. Repeat with the second sheet of green felt. You’ll be using half a sheet of each shade per place mat.


Easter egg placemat: Use scissors to cut the felt into grass

Use scissors to cut the felt into grass. Cut a big, uneven zigzag through the middle of the felt. Feel free to be super uneven. You’ll be using both sides to create your grass for the place mat.

Use scissors to cut the felt into grass

Repeat with the second color of felt.


Easter egg placemat: Cut the grass strips into smaller pieces

Cut the grass strips into smaller pieces and decide on placement on the place mat.

Easter egg placemat: decide on placement on the placemat.

Remember the placement of your plate and water glass as you place the felt. You don’t want your water glass to get wobbly because of felt underneath it, and you don’t want all the fun to be covered up by the plate.


Easter egg placemat: Glue down the bottom and the sides

Once you have decided where the green felt will go, start gluing down the pieces. Glue down the bottom and the sides, but do not glue down the blades of grass at the top. The goal is to create little pockets for the felt Easter eggs to hide in.


Easter egg placemat: cut your eggs

Once you’ve glued down the grass pieces, cut your eggs using the assorted colors of felt. The Easter eggs are just lopsided felt ovals. Once you cut one that you particularly like the shape of, use it as a template for the rest.


Easter egg placemat: you can paint eggs with fabric paint.

You can leave your eggs in solid colors, or you can paint them with fabric paint.


Easter egg placemat: Paint whatever designs you like

Paint whatever designs you like — spots, swirls, lines, zigzags, dots and/or any combination of these.


Easter egg placemat: hide your eggs.

Once the place mat and eggs have dried, you can hide your eggs.

Easter egg placemat: hide your eggs well.

You can hide them so they are peeking out, or you can hide them well so they are just barely peeking out.

Easter egg placemat: hide-and-seek while eating an Easter Egg Breakfast

You can hide the eggs over and over again, tucking them in the pockets created by the felt grass. If you like, you can hide other things in the felt pockets — like dollar bills or little notes. A fun hide-and-seek while eating an Easter-egg breakfast.

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