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10 Dog breeds that love the snow

Do you love the snow but can’t find anyone who appreciates it as much as you do? Have no fear! Your lonely snow days are a thing of the past if you have one of these furry, snow-loving dogs by your side. These dogs were built for fun and winter, and they can’t wait to get outside to enjoy the winter months with you.


Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Photo credit: Duncan Smith / Photodisc / Getty images

The Alaskan Malamute is a descendent of the Arctic wolf, and with its thick double coat and large, tough paws, it can handle the snowiest of days. Known for pulling sleds through the snow and having a love for being outdoors, the Alaskan Malamute is a terrific companion for your polar adventures.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Photo credit: Raimund Linke / Photodisc / Getty images

Originally from Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a loyal, sweet breed that would love nothing more than to go on a nice long walk through a winter wonderland. Its cheerful attitude will definitely put on a smile on anyone’s face.


Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Photo credit: Frank Gaglione / Photodisc / Getty images

Considered one of the oldest dog breeds, the Chow Chow’s thick, furry coat will keep it warm for hours during a winter excursion, and its strong, loyal personality will keep you on your toes for many years. This breed is considered a heavy shedder in certain months, so be sure to have your brushes handy.


Great Pyrenees

Known for being a wonderful guard dog of livestock, the Great Pyrenees can also make a loving family companion. With its thick double coat to protect it from frigid temperatures, the Great Pyrenees makes a great snowy companion for the winter months.


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Also known as the “Swissy,” the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a strong, large-breed dog that has a loving and devoted personality and needs moderate exercise. This breed was originally bred to pull carts but will never turn down a chance to go for a walk with its best friend.



The Leonberger prefers to live in cooler climates and is happiest when it is close by its owners. Its affectionate nature makes it a great companion for people who enjoy the company of large-breed dogs and have adequate space for it to stretch out.



The Newfoundland, often referred to as a Gentle Giant, would be crushed if you headed out for a snowy hike without it. Its double, thick coat and super-sweet disposition makes it the perfect candidate to go on a winter hike. And if you happen to get a bit chilly, it would love nothing more than to snuggle up tight and warm you right up! Keep in mind that this breed sheds and drools a lot, even in the winter, so if you’re a neat freak, this breed may not be for you.



Who wouldn’t want to have this gorgeous dog with them all the time? The Samoyed has a bright-white fluffy coat and a smile to melt hearts all around. Its happy demeanor and love for snow make it a great snow companion for outdoor adventurers, and it can even pull sleds when properly trained.


St. Bernard

Did somebody say snow? Let’s go! The St. Bernard, originally known for being able to locate a person buried under several feet of snow, is the perfect friend to take along for a romp in the snow. This breed is also known to have a sixth sense when it comes to the dangers that winters can bring, like avalanches and winter storms, so be sure to keep it close when exploring. The St. Bernard is another breed that likes to slobber and sheds, so don’t expect your house to be spotless when one is living there.


Tibetan Terrier

Don’t let the size of the Tibetan Terrier fool you! With large, round paws and a thick double coat, this little dog was made for the snow and loves to climb and romp. It’s a friendly breed that can play all day in the snow and then come home and snuggle on the couch in the evening hours.

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