34 Clever websites for when you need a mental vacation

Mar 17, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

We all need a break from the monotony sometimes. Other times, we need a distraction from the stress. We have the cure for your common boredom.

Woman laughing looking at internet distractions

Dying for an escape from your day? We know the feeling, girlfriend! All of these sites are exactly what you need to power through those last ... eight hours of work.


Emergency kittens

Photo credit: Emergency Kitten

Nothing is cuter than animals. Nothing! Whether you're a dog person, a crazy cat lady or missing the farm you grew up on, there are tons of sites devoted to adorable animals. These are our favorites:

Humans be cray


Did you just make a horrible mistake? What you need now is to see people who are more messed up than you. Luckily, the people of the internet love nothing more than to find and expose craziness or stupidity.

GIFs Galore

Funny Corgi

Photo Credit: And now the dog GIFs

The only thing better than a whole video of someone or something's mistake or cuteness is a GIF of the best part. GIFs are like America's Funniest Videos for the entire world of ADD sufferers.

Not meant for the internet

toilet water

Photo credit: passiveaggressivenotes

Some people or things just should not be allowed around technology or the internet. Best examples: Animals, drunk people or stupid people. Other times, things that were never meant to end up on the internet (notes to neighbors, personal drama) find their home on the world wide web. The outcome is always funny... as long as you're not involved.

Get to know yourself

Taylor Swift quiz

Photo credit: Zimbo

Between TV and movie-related quizzes and personality quizzes these life-affirming time wasters will keep you snickering.

Get your game on

Big Farm

Photo credit: Miniclip Big Farm

Need to be more involved to fully zone out? We understand. These games will entertain you and some will even help you exercise you brain. Cool, huh?

Feel better? Now get back to work, slackers! (JK. Play one more round with us?)

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