You wouldn't think that a couple words of wisdom would be enough to pull you out of the funk of a terrible day — but sometimes a well-timed inspirational quote is really all you need to totally change your mood.

If life has thrown some lemons your way, try these quotes out. They probably won't make everything better, but they just might give you the right kick in the pants to keep on trucking.

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1. What's the point of being alive?

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2. Don't lose sight

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3. A smooth sea

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4. Ask yourself

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5. Lucille Ball's words of wisdom

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6. Personality gets the heart


7. Dreams don't work

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8. Just keep moving


9. Be yourself


10. I have not failed


11. Within me

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12. No regrets

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13. Outside the box


14. Life's too short

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15. Through the worst

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16. The ones that do

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Originally published March 2014. Updated March 2017.