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The kitty cast of the film Divergent

Wondering what the Divergent movie would look like if it was cast with cats instead of humans? We’ve rounded up the best kitties for the job, with characteristics and looks just like their human counterparts.


She’s not one color, she’s three! Like her human counterpart, the brave kitty Tris belongs to three factions but chose to spend out her days in Dauntless.


Named after the amount of fears he holds, Four (Tobias) is one of the trainers for Dauntless. Becoming Tris’ love interest, Four also comes from Abnegation.


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A selfless and brave soul, Natalie is Divergent like her daughter Tris. Choosing to spend her life in Abnegation, she was raised in Dauntless.

Tris’ younger brother, this kitty is a member of Erudite. Truly devoted, this little guy harbored his love of books until joining his new faction.


Tris’ KKF (kitty friend forever), Christina is a small but determined little lady. Brave and hardworking, she is devoted and loving to those closest to her.

Christina’s main kitty squeeze, Will is a member of Dauntless. Mischievous and protective, he is a very bold feline.

This kitty is a tattoo artist with serious skill. A friend of Tris, she’s got a tiny patch of grayish-white fur.


A violent feline, Peter is quite the jealous man-kitty. Tris’ mortal enemy, Peter the cat is obviously black and white, which makes him a member of Candor.

Jeanine Matthews

The leader of Erudite, the kitty Jeanine Matthews is very intelligent and is extremely calm. She knows what she wants and she’ll stop at little to get it.

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