9 Examples of LED lights gone wrong

LED technology is awesome; it saves on energy costs and is better for the environment. However, some things are better left alone. Here are 9 items that we believe should stay in the dark.

1. Toilet seats

Toilet seat

Photo credit: Amazon

The concept is that you will never have to pee in the dark. However, Kohler’s LED toilet-seat nightlight begs a few questions, such as is it safe if it gets… wet? Considering that it takes two AA batteries to run, one may also be concerned about not only peeing on it, but cleaning and sanitizing it as well. It may be better to go the old-fashioned route when nature calls and turn on the bathroom light. (Amazon, $62)

2. Showerhead

Shower head

Photo credit: Amazon

Like to take showers in the dark? If your answer is yes, this LED showerhead may be just the answer for you. This hydropowered showerhead doesn’t require any batteries or wires, and claims to have a three-year shelf life. Watering you down in seven bright shades, this may be something that you grow tired of quickly, especially when you also take the occasional shower during the day. (Amazon, $10)

3. Ice cubes

Ice cubes

Photo credit: Windy City Novelties

If you are planning on having a rave anytime soon, these LED ice cubes are the perfect party addition. Bringing light to any beverage, the ice cubes come in a variety of bright colors. However, be warned, they are not to be frozen or ingested. Also, advise your guests to ensure that their water-less ice cubes don’t start leaking. (Windy City Novelties, $21-$22)

4. Undergarments


Photo credit: Neon Nancy

For people that enjoy going to neon or darkly lit clubs, perhaps an LED garment is appropriate for you. But let’s just ask the question: How exactly do you wash these items? Doesn’t seem like something that can be worn more than once or twice or in an area where you may be exposed to water, especially this bra, which is also sound activated. (Neon Nancy, $50)

5. Eyelashes


Photo credit: Soomi Park

Promised to make your eyes look larger, these LED eyelashes are made and sold in Korea. A fun look for a night out, one may be concerned with how the LED lights will affect vision. Over time, these may even cause irritation for the wearers who have sensitive skin. (Not sold in the U.S.)

6. For your mouth

 For your mouth

Photo credit: Toxel

Yes, LED lights can even light up your grill. Sold as a head accessory or mouthpiece, these creative little pieces will allow a partygoer to be seen all night long. Just be careful you don’t swallow it or kiss anybody while it’s in your mouth. You also may not want to share it with anyone either. (Flashing Blinky Lights, $1-$2)

7. Pillows


Photo credit: Yanko Design

Currently a concept design, the glow pillow seems like a really cool technological device for your bedroom. Perfect for those of us that like to sleep with our phones, the pillow has an outlet and lights attached. And as awesome as it seems, there is still a worry that the exposure to the LED lights (especially in the dark) will affect the retina over time. And what if you spill water at night? Nobody would like to wake up to an electric shock, or worse yet, fire in the middle of the night. (Not available for sale.)

8. Grass


Photo credit: Amazon

Forget the grass that Mother Nature grows, get yourself some awesome LED wild-grass solar garden lights. Built to look like real grass, this special grass will light your way come nightfall. Just watch pets and young children, who may stomp over the lights or possibly try to eat them. (Amazon, $18)

9. Pacifier


Photo credit: Be Wild

As a mother, the LED pacifier may seem like a godsend, but for babies who like to put everything in their mouths, this may not be the safest calming device on the market. With a concern about the pacifier breaking or it being put too close to sensitive eyes, this may not be the best idea for little ones. (Be Wild, $2)

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