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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Selena Gomez and Kate Mara

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Selena Gomez and Kate Mara’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Selena Gomez

Photo credit: Will Alexander/

Selena Gomez

Is Selena Gomez trying to give her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber a run for most clothing removed in public? While the Biebs has a penchant for partying shirtless as of late, it seems Selena is going for the no pants route as she paints the town in London. The newly single “Come and Get It” singer looks like she’s trying too hard here.

Not only is she showing lots of leg in tiny hot pants, but Selena’s also baring her midriff in a crop top. If it wasn’t for the jacket over the top of this revealing ensemble, we might mistake the 21-year-old for a streetwalker. The former Disney star recently cancelled her tour and went to rehab, so she seems to be turning over a new leaf, but is this really the best image to project?

The final verdict? We’re betting she’s probably eager to show her ex just what he’s missing, but we prefer the classy, pre-Spring Breakers version of the actress. But at least she’s moving on from Justin… there are rumors she’s been hanging with One Direction dude Niall Horan, who seems like a great guy for her. And bonus: He’s never been arrested!

Kate Mara

Photo credit: FayesVision/

Kate Mara

Kate Mara wore this pea soup-inspired Prada dress to the House of Cards premiere in Los Angeles, and while her show is a huge hit, this outfit just isn’t a hit for us. The olive green color reminds us of being seasick and it’s totally over embellished. But it’s the creepy abstract face that’s the biggest fashion felony.

Abstract faces were all the rage during Prada’s Spring 2014 runway collection, but why would you want to wear a dress with a creepy guy’s bearded, beaded face on it? Just because it’s Prada doesn’t mean it’s automatically cool. To balance the mystery male element, the frock also features a cleavage cutout that looks spiked and scary instead of feminine.

The final verdict? If this dress was another color and didn’t have that strange sequined face sewn into it, we could possibly get behind it. But this version is tough to stomach. Sorry, Kate… perhaps you can borrow something from your sister Rooney Mara’s closet next time?

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