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7 Daily habits of successful women

The power and pull of a daily habit is a powerful thing, and successful women know how to harness daily habits to work in their favor.

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The power and pull of a daily habit is a powerful thing, and successful women know how to harness daily habits to work in their favor.

Rise early

Super-successful people aren’t hitting the snooze button at 9:00 a.m. and delaying the start of their day. CEOs and other leaders are known to function efficiently on just four to five hours of sleep — and to get up early and get a head start on their day.


Exercise in the morning

Working out in the morning is the ultimate commitment — you can’t escape it, and when it’s done, it’s done. Making morning workouts a daily habit means you knock it out of the way, feel good and can clear your head for your agenda later that day.


Live by a daily to-do list

You don’t lose weight or write a book or accomplish other lofty goals in a single day. Create a daily to-do list that is broken down into smaller tasks, and prioritize your top-three must-do items each and every day. Life coach and author Beverly Flaxington lives and preaches to-do lists, and she says, “A list helps to force you to stay aware and present about the decisions you’re making.”


Have wins early in the day

Getting started on the right foot is a big deal. As blogger Claire Díaz-Ortiz discovered, “When you successfully get through a short period of good, solid work, you feel psychologically awesome and want more. Small wins built on small wins, and… I was on such a streak that I wanted to keep going.”


Every minute counts; always have something to do

Time is money, right? When a woman is juggling a career, husband and child, it may be gold, and maximizing time — not just prioritizing — becomes of the essence. Attorney Nina Ries of Santa Monica, California, says, “I always have something to do, I am never just sitting there. I try to schedule phone conferences while I am driving, I listen to books on tape. If you are driving and you can use that time productively, you’re saving five hours a week.”


Plan ahead and take digital notes

Successful women are always thinking about the next thing — and that means setting up digital calendar reminders, leveraging Evernote lists, iPads and more to stay organized.


Tie up loose ends in the evening

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with an e-mail detox, but successful women tend to circle back at the end of their days to check in, knock out some more e-mails and close loops on projects.

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