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17 Insanely organized closets to inspire you

If you’re in cleaning mode, why not tackle a closet or two? From bedroom closets to linen closets, here are a few inspirations to keep you motivated.

1. Color-coordinated couture

Color-coordinated couture

Photo credit: Life in Grace

Purge your closet of all the items you haven’t worn in the last month. Once that’s done, hang your clothes by color to give your closet “a rainbow feel.”

2. Linen closet love

Linen closet love

Photo credit: The Order Obsessed

Put the things that are least used toward the top and sort shelves by category.

3. Spacious living

Think pink

Photo credit: Grace Lee Cottage

Adjust shelves and bars for better organization. By putting all the shirts and dresses on the first bar and the bottoms on the second, the closet is more easily navigated.

4. Colorful chaos

Colorful chaos

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Organize clothes on racks so you can pick them out quickly. Hang favorites or upcoming outfits separately for easier access.

5. Positive negative space

Photo credit: Oh Joy!

Add a shelving unit to the top of your closet to eliminate negative space and add more room. You can also add drawers to neatly store clothes and shoes.

6. Big little room

Photo credit: View Along the Way

Add an alcove to hang purses and designate areas for specific items. This way, you’ll always know where to find things.

7. Kids’ clutter no more

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Create tags to make picking out clothes easier and use baskets for more organization.

8. Matchy matchy

Wooden wonder

Photo credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Hang clothing on matching hangers to create a more cohesive look. You can also store shoes in plastic containers to keep them organized.

9. Prints galore

Photo credit: Love of Family and Home

Use shelves to get shoes off the floor. Stencil the back for an added touch of style.

10. Keep it clean

Photo credit: One Good Thing by Jillee

Hang a shoe organizer and use wall hooks to remove items from the floor of your closet. Hanging shoe organizers can also be used to store purses, belts and other clunky items.

11. Simple shelves

Photo credit: Centsational Girl

Adjust shelves to create a mini-vanity. Use this shelf to store your perfumes and jewelry. Give your shelves a coat of paint to freshen up the look.

12. Loving little spaces

Loving little spaces

Photo credit: My Love 2 Create

Utilize every nook and cranny. Corners are easy places to overlook, but are hidden gems when it comes to storage space.

13. Labels, baskets and more

Photo credit: Home Crush Blog

Create a rolling basket by gluing wheels onto ordinary wicker basket. This is just genius!

14. Add in furniture

Add in furniture

Photo credit: Life Unexpected

Use tension rods to customize your closet space. This blogger hung tension rods on the sides of her son’s closet and put a dresser in the middle to use every inch of space.

15. Dress it up

Photo credit: A Thoughtful Place

Adding a tall dresser will help organize clothing and uses less space. Use bins and boxes to hide your least-used items up high.

16. Upcycle it

Photo credit: Our Fifth House

This blogger decorated an old shoe organizer with a gold Sharpie to give it a fresh look and hung her husband’s ties according to color, so they could be seen better.

17. Colorful kids

Photo credit: Cape 27

Adding colorful boxes keeps the space fun for the kids, while hiding toys and clutter.

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