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Top 10 most-fashionable dogs

You know that woman who looks perfectly coiffured and photo-ready no matter what time of day it is? Like her, there are a few drop-dead gorgeous dogs that people see and immediately pull out their smart-phone cameras. If you want an enviably photograph-friendly canine, these are the dog breeds for you.



Described by as a “supermodel with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics,” the Papillon is a pint-sized beauty that gets attention wherever it goes.



Long, leggy and graceful, the Borzoi looks more like a prized art form than a canine.


With its long silky coat, the Maltese is effortlessly graceful as this sweet pup “floats” across the floor and right into your heart.


Every canine diva needs her beauty sleep! No list of fashionable dogs would be complete without the easy-to-primp Poodle.


Siberian Husky
The envy of every makeup artist, the smoky-eyed Siberian Husky is one of those dogs that is hard to resist.


Though not every Collie will be a movie star akin to Lassie, this gorgeous canine is a head turner wherever it goes.


American Eskimo Dog

Whether bounding through the snow or sitting proudly on the lodge porch, the Eskie’s precious face and soft white coat are a paparazzi magnet.


Irish Setter
With its luxe chestnut-red fur and eager-to-engage personality, the Irish Setter begs to be the center of attention and rarely disappoints the camera.



When you see a Pomeranian, you can’t help but want to coo over the cutesy canine, especially if it’s donning a hat or other fashionable attire.


Afghan Hound

Who wouldn’t want to frame a photo of this stunning dog? The Afghan Hound is paws down the supermodel of the American Kennel Club.

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