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The most pinned cats of 2013

Each of these adorable kitties was pinned well over 1,000 times from a single pin on Pinterest, with the leader at over 8,000 pins! It’s easy to see why these cool cats deserve their day in the spotlight.

We’re showcasing 12 of the most pinned cats of 2013 — calendar style! These cuties have what it takes to be pinups, so enjoy our salute to all their hard work looking cuddly, stretching, snuggling and behaving like coquettish kittens.


Pinterest January

Image courtesy: annieemi on Pinterest

This kitten personifies January with its cool look, captured in a crisp black-and-white photo. It’s also the fan favorite, receiving over 8,590 pins! What a way to start the year.


February Pinterest

Image courtesy: Cheerwolf on Pinterest

Cats have a way of expressing love without having the slightest idea there is any other way to do what they’re doing. These opposites definitely attract, making natural Valentines.


March Pinterest

Image courtesy: lpwildwolf on Pinterest

It appears as if these felines are checking the decor for St. Patrick’s Day. They have a little work to do before the big day. They better get started!


April Pinterest

Image courtesy: ManOfYellow on Pinterest

It may be raining and pouring outside, but this little tyke is snuggled up and warm inside with its human.


May Pinterest

Image courtesy: Noizzlehopper on Pinterest

April showers made way for the cornflower-blue flowers matching this kitten’s eyes, standing at attention for an adorable calendar pose.


June Pinterest

Image courtesy: angiesboards on Pinterest

June is a beautiful month for going outside, but kittens like to be inside with their humans just as much as they enjoy frolicking outside in the fresh green grass.


July Pinterest

Image courtesy: cutestpaw on Pinterest

Things start heating up in July, like the piercing golden gaze found on this stunning beauty.


August Pinterest

Image courtesy: sparkybaker on Pinterest

Kittens, like humans, enjoy being the life of the party. That’s why you’ll frequently find them under lampshades. Did you just think it was for the warmth? Silly human.


September Pinterest

Image courtesy: itspam66frank on Pinterest

Cats form a special bond with their humans and manage to find unique, precious ways to express it.


October Pinterest

Image courtesy: brianarhall on Pinterest

This sleepy sweetie comes dressed and ready for Halloween as a tiger. Black cats aren’t the only kittehs who enjoy All Hallow’s Eve.


November Pinterest

Image courtesy: nakittykat on Pinterest

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the very best gift any human can give their best furry friend is a paper bag, as November is pleased to demonstrate.


December Pinterest

Image courtesy: brigittavon on Pinterest

This fabulous year ends with one crazy cat literally over its head with excitement at having been included in this this prestigious group. Kitten, you did all the work!

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