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Chic furniture for your kitty: 4 pieces you’d never know are for your cat


Stylish cat owners don’t have to settle for a carpeted cat tree house in the living room. Now you can give your kitty what she wants without sacrificing your home’s chic decor.

Your cat is your best friend, but we can’t say she’s doing a whole lot for your home decor. Update your house with these awesome and chic alternatives to traditional cat furniture.


Vigo Cat Scratcher

Vigo cat scratcher |

Displaying a traditional carpeted cat scratcher in your living room is just one frightening step away from turning into a cat lady. The Vigo Cat Scratcher by Modko, however, dismantles the cat-lady stereotype with its sleek and functional lines. Your kitty will enjoy scratching the piece, as well as lounging inside and on top of it. You’ll enjoy that the scratcher can double as a modular table or ottoman in your decidedly fashion-forward living room. (Modko, $60)


The Canopy Lounger

The Canopy Lounger |

If there’s one thing a cat loves, it’s taking a nap (sorry, it’s not you). Typical cat beds, unfortunately, leave something to be desired. If you’re weary of the overstuffed fleece cat bed that’s junking up your living room, look no further than CANOPYstudio’s Canopy Lounger for a modern piece that looks more like a rad footstool than a cat bed. The lounger is available in several different prints and colors for a funky conversation piece. (CANOPYstudio, $274)


Circa50 Litter Hideaway

Circa50 Litter Hideaway |

Nothing says, “Welcome to my home! I don’t entertain very often,” quite like an open-air litter box. We get it. Without a high-quality litter and a discreet location, the litter box can damage the ambiance of your home with its odor and appearance. Your chic home needs the addition of Modernistcat’s Circa50 Litter Hideaway to combat the litter box problem. It completely masks the litter box while allowing your cat to enter and exit easily for all of his bathroom needs. (Modernistcat, $599)


HabiCat Modern Perch

HabiCat Modern Perch |

Now you can enjoy cat-themed wall art without having to frame a giant poster print of your beloved feline friend! The HabiCat Modern Perch comes in a bold geometric design for a fun statement on any wall. You can hang a single unit or sprinkle your wall with several perches for optimal play and catnap enjoyment. The wood comes unfinished, or in natural or cherry, and we personally love the idea of painting the perch a bright turquoise or plum for a pop of color. (MyCat’sHeaven, $240)

Tell us:

Which of these chic pieces do you want for your kitty castle?

Now go get your cat and start swagging your abode already!

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