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4 Reasons your cat-free friends are judging you

Don’t let the haters bring you down! We all know their judgements can’t be validated. Plus, we’d pick our cat over any of the humans we’re forced to interact with daily. We’ll shoulder the burden of their judgement.

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If you think your cat-less friends are judging you, you’re probably right. The pet-less just don’t understand and they usually have four main complaints.


You’re covered in cat hair

Finding tufts of fur on your new peacoat is frustrating for you, but for the feline-unfriendly, it’s just gross. Chances are some of them probably own a dog that also sheds. Or, if they’re girls, they shed all by themselves. But there’s something about finding a cat hair clinging to their plate that makes them question your cleanliness. Whatever. Not only is your house clean(-ish), but your diet is stocked with extra fiber from the cat hair. Bonus: You have a friend for life… as long as you remember to feed Fluffy.


You give your cat human emotions

Ever walked back into your home with a group of friends and found a forlorn cat waiting? Of course you cooed, “Did you miss Mommy?” You know the answer was “yes!” However, friends who don’t own pets were probably looking at you like you’re Cat | Sheknows.comcrazy. Is it really any more insane than pretending to know what their new baby is thinking? No.


You clean litter boxes

One of the biggest complaints cat haters make about owning cats is the process of cleaning litter boxes. When this comes from dog owners, it’s especially hypocritical. We use a shovel, they use their hand and a plastic bag. The bigger issue: If they’re terrified of cleaning up the cat’s bathroom, are they also hesitant to clean their own facilities? If your besties ever make this excuse, you might want to consider using the hover method next time you use their loo. Put their mind at ease when they visit by trying the new Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter. It’ll leave Clump and seal litter | Sheknows.comyour house odor-free for a week, so Tigger’s toilet will be the last thing on their mind.


They worry you’ll turn into a “crazy cat lady”

It’s just common decency and respect for another life form to not adopt more animals than you have money to feed and time to care for and play with. However, if you’re a single, hard-working girl with two cats, that doesn’t make you “crazy” or even a “cat lady.” Did you know a lot of horse rescues won’t adopt out a horse to a family who doesn’t have another horse, cow or goat? Animals need friends, too. Giving your first furry love a friend to keep him entertained when you’re away all day does not make you a bad person. How many kids does your friend want to have? If she wants multiples, remind her that she probably has similar reasoning in mind. If you still feel judged, ditch her and get another cat!

Pet-less people will never understand why you treat your cat like a kid. There’s not much that can be done. At the end of the day, however, if your friends are judging you, it’s probably time for new friends. We’re available!

Even though we cat-lovers totally believe in the power of quality cat litter, Arm & Hammer did sponsor this post.

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