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15 Cute pictures of guilty cats

Sure, they look cute and innocent at first, but we all know what they’re capable of!

It’s adorable when we catch our cat watching Too Cute with us. It’s not quite as cute when we see her carrying our favorite hair tie from the kitchen counter and under the bed, never to be seen again. Oh, who are we kidding? That makes us coo and swoon over the cat, too. Look at Fluffy! She may not have opposable thumbs, but she gets what she wants. These cats are guilty of their own versions of trickery.


So fluffy!

Cat with fluffy thing |

Photo credit: Marico via Flickr

What even is that? Never mind. Doesn’t matter. This cat stalked, pounced and retrieved it. It’s now property of the resident feline.


Paper shredder

Cat paper shredder |

Photo credit: The Eco Cat Lady Speaks

Warning: Never let your cat try to do the New York Times crossword. He can’t handle the pressure.


Dog didn’t need a bed

Cat bed hog |

Photo credit: A Place To Love Dogs

Your significant other has nothing on this bed hog!


Loofah love

Cat loofa love |

Photo credit: Best Epic Fail Videos via YouTube

No amount of Keep Off can keep Thunder out of the drawers and away from your loofah. It is just too fun to play with.


Seriously guilty

Seriously guilty cat |

Photo credit: FzyBunSlpr via YouTube

What did this guilty-looking guy get into? You’ll have to watch the YouTube video to find out.


Elastic thief

Cat hair tie thief |

Photo credit: PtotheHUC via Reddit

Missing all those brand-new hair ties you bought a month ago? We found the culprit and he’s adorable.


Totally innocent

Cat remodeling |

Photo credit: FurryTalk

Those eyes! They almost look too innocent, no?


Mmm, crinkly

Cat in plastic bag |

Photo credit: One Woman, Reinvented

Someone’s human really ought to know better: You can’t leave crinkly things unattended.


Serious business

Cat with laptop |

Photo credit: Rikna Rants

Seconds earlier, this cat was no doubt looking at something far more scandalous. She heard us coming.


I’m an angel — really

Innocent kitten |

Photo credit: klrman1 via photobucket

We’re not sure what Kitten Face has done, but we’re sure we will find her mess eventually.


This is uncomfortable

Cat is stuck |

Photo credit:

These hind legs, butt and tail (along with their invisible front half) are responsible for the crash you heard in your sleep last night — and your broken favorite ornament.


I do love pie…

Cat loves pie |

Photo credit: xoJane

This adorable calico cat may not have eaten the whole pie, but the look in those eyes says someone is coming for the crumbs and will be responsible for the mess that follows!


Feline phat beats

Cat scratch disco |

Photo credit: Daily Kos

These kittens are guilty of scratching that rare Flaming Lips record — and mixing up some phat beats.


The Hollywood milk diet

A milk diet |

Photo credit: That Cute Site

Snowflake is on a diet: That’s why she only drinks your milk and chews the straw when it’s low fat.


Time to buy new threads

Cat closet lounge |

Photo credit: The Pet Product Guru

Socks is guilty of being a slave to fashion — and getting cat hair all over your good pants.

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