Earth Day dates for the environmentalist couple

Apr 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Earth Day is big deal if you're an environmentally conscious person — and if you're in a relationship with someone who feels the same way, it can be the perfect day to plan a fun date. Here are some ways that you and your significant other can enjoy the day while also fostering your relationship.

Couple hiking in the forest

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the wonderful place that we call home while promoting sustainability and keeping the environment clean for future generations. If you and your significant other are environmentally conscious, it's also a great day to go on a fun date that promotes your Earth-friendly values. Looking for ideas? Here are six ways you can celebrate Earth Day as a couple this year.


Go geocaching

With geocaching, you essentially use a GPS to go on a treasure hunt. Not only is it an adventure, it is a great way to enjoy nature. Actually finding the prize at the end of the hunt requires teamwork, so not only will you be in the great outdoors with your love, you'll be building your relationship up at the same time. (There's even an app for that!)


Go for a hike

Mother Nature is best appreciated with someone you care about, so look up trails in your area and plan a hike. Choose a good distance for both your skill sets and enjoy the conversation as you trek into the wilderness.


Ditch your cars

Ditching your car in favor of alternative modes of transportation helps the environment but can be fun too. A good way to do this as a couple is to pack a picnic and bike to your local park for a fun lunch in the grass.


Check out a botanical garden

Many cities have a botanical garden that is open to the public and highlights many of the plants found in the local area. Learn about your home while enjoying time as a couple.


Plant a garden

Whether you're in a house or an apartment, planting a garden is possible and fun. Planting and cultivating your own food ensures the quality of food you are putting into your body and also promotes sustainability for the planet. Choose fruits and vegetables based on what is in season and where you live. Throw in one that you don't cook with all the time and plan another date when it's ripe to cook a new meal together.


Organize your recycling

If you don't already recycle, use this day as a chance to start. If your local community doesn't pick up recycling in special containers, you can buy large bins and sort your recycling by type. Take some time as a couple to think about all the things you could recycle. If you have been recycling, take some time and evaluate how well you are doing with it.

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