Be my Valentine: 14 Adorable dogs that want your love

Forget diamonds and roses, there isn’t anything sweeter than a puppy for Valentine’s Day. These 14 adorable pups show you just why nothing quite compares to puppy love.


All you need is love…

All you need is love

Photo credit: mojo_and_pudge via Instagram

and your very best friend.


Pick me, choose me…

Pick me, choose me...

Photo credit: nikkifrancis94 via Instagram

love me.


I love you for not only what you are,

I love you for not only what you are ...

Photo credit: pooch_reagan via Instagram

but for who I am when I am with you.


I’ll love you always…

I'll love you always

Photo credit: callielou17 via Instagram

as long as you bring me treats… lots and lots of treats.


Some love lasts a lifetime,

Some love lasts a lifetime

Photo credit: charlie_thebulldog via Instagram

but puppy love lasts forever.


I smell cookies

I smell chocolate

Photo credit: miaopremier via Instagram

and lots of kisses.


And they call it puppy love…

And they call it puppy love

Photo credit: mattyfactory via Instagram

but I call it true love.


Hey there sweet thang,

Hey there sweet thang

Photo credit: colleenrose85 via Instagram

wanna go for a walk?


I’m ready for our date

I'm ready for our date

Photo credit: andtheycallhimboone via Instagram

Don’t I look absolutely dapper?


The key to my heart is…

The key to my heart is...

Photo credit: ollie_gee_the_spaniel via Instagram

cuddles and car rides.


You make me happy when skies are gray

You make me happy when skies are gray

Photo credit: bloomingmoments_photography via Instagram

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.


My heart beats for you

My heart beats for you

Photo credit: elliethecockerpoodle via Instagram

and only you.


My life isn’t complete

My life isn't complete

Photo credit: oliverandbros via Instagram

unless you’re in it.


I only have eyes

I only have eyes

Photo credit: ohheypenelope via Instagram

foooor you!

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