Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Kate Beckinsale

We have a total crush on Kate Beckinsale’s chic ‘do. Find out why in this week’s installment of Celeb Hairstyle of the Week.

Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Kate Beckinsale

Almost no one does a perky ponytail like Kate Beckinsale. The actress and fashionista has definitely mastered the art of updos, so it’s no surprise that she opted for a beachy pony for a recent red carpet event. Crushing on her style as much as I am? You’re in luck. I got Pierre Michel Salon‘s Mia Moore to offer her tips for scoring Kate’s cute look.

Get the look

“The great thing about this look is how easily it can be replicated at home. After you have purchased the dress, shoes, clutch and accessories, here is how you add the finale with the hair,” Mia says.

  1. After you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair as much as possible by scrunching the hair versus rubbing (which creates frizz).
  2. Then pick a texture-based product. My favorite product right now is HydroHair. It is new to the market but it hydrates hair, adds texture and uses all-natural ingredients and is great for all types of hair.
  3. Whatever product you decide to use, just make sure you use an even application. Simply work the product in ends to roots in the four sections around the head (sides and split the back in two) then scrunch once more with the towel to remove any moisture that has collected and attach a diffuser to the end of your blow dryer.
  4. When diffusing your hair it’s important to not touch it too much while it’s drying. Lean your head over to a side, put the ends of your hair in the diffuser and then bring it closer to your head. Keep it there until the area is almost dry and repeat for the rest.
  5. Now that your hair is prepared, it’s time to put it up. Section off the top of your head (eyebrow to eyebrow) and clip it to put it out of the way.
  6. Using your hands, pull the rest of your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. Take the top section you saved and loosely pull it back, leaving some volume and gently wrap the ends around the elastic to hide it and secure with a bobby pin.
  7. You can add some detail by using wax for more texture or a small curling iron to create more movement to a couple of pieces.

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Photo credit: Brian To/WENN.com


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