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Your fantasy league dream team for Puppy Bowl 2014


The Puppy Bowl starting lineup is in! And although the picks are super-adorable, we still have a fantasy league of our own. Come check out our draft picks for the perfect SheKnows fantasy puppy league!

The Puppy Bowl

It’s one of the most-anticipated games of the year: the 2014 Puppy Bowl. Filled with cute four-legged fur balls, this is one football game worth watching. Animal Planet recently announced their team of adorable puppies, which will be the perfect lineup for this year’s big game. But as people do with any sports team, we’ve rounded up our fantasy picks for a dream puppy league of our own.


Puppy bowl quaterback

Photo credit: fressik_black via Instagram
  • Name: Robin
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: Her name was inspired by her pretty blue eyes, the same color as a robin’s egg

Running back

Puppy bowl running back

Photo credit: fandorin_the_great_dane via Instagram
  • Name: Azrael
  • Breed: Great Dane
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: This gray-eyed pup loves to play ball, rush plays and stumble all over

Wide receiver

Puppy bowl wide receiver

Photo credit: camiviamonte via Instagram
  • Name: Luna
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: She’s a lover of taking selfies and may stop on the field to snap a quick photo of herself

Tight end

Puppy bowl tight end

Photo credit: benny_thefrenchie via Instagram
  • Name: Benny
  • Breed: French Bulldog
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: Benny lives in Norway and loves to play in the snow


Puppy bowl linebacker

Photo credit: camaropayares via Instagram
  • Name: Juanita
  • Breed: English Bulldog
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: She’s pretty and she’s pretty tough — this little lady loves to play dress-up on and off the field

Defensive tackle

Puppy bowl defensive tackle

Photo credit: augustethepug via Instagram
  • Name: Auguste
  • Breed: Pug
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: He has an Instagram page devoted to just him — but don’t let that fool you; he’ll tackle a player in a minute, especially if it’s time for kibble

Defensive end

Puppy bowl defensive end

Photo credit: narelletw via Instagram
  • Name: Ted
  • Breed: Bull Mastiff
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: This cutie-pie loves to lick babies’ fingers, especially when they’re covered in frosting


Puppy bowl center

Photo credit: doggirl1974 via Instagram
  • Name: Belle
  • Breed: Springer Spaniel
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: This playful girl is smart and loves to sleep during halftime

Offensive guard

Puppy bowl offensive guard

Photo credit: kiaya_and_ayla via Instagram
  • Name: Ayla
  • Breed: Chocolate Lab
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: This little lady loves to get into mischief with her big sister

Offensive tackle

Puppy bowl offensive tackle

Photo credit: susie2680 via Instagram
  • Name: Bella
  • Breed: Dalmatian
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: She may tackle a puppy on the field, but this girl loves to kiss her humans


Puppy bowl safety

Photo credit: chowderthechowchow via Instagram
  • Name: Chowder
  • Breed: Chow Chow
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: This guy hails from Seattle and loves the Seahawks


Puppy bowl cornerback

Photo credit: cookiecocker via Instagram
  • Name: Cookie
  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Sex: Female
  • Fun fact: Cookie likes to take photos and write of her adventures on her very own blog


Puppy bowl kicker

Photo credit: mrmoosethegoose via Instagram
  • Name: Moose
  • Breed: Long-haired Chihuahua
  • Sex: Male
  • Fun fact: Another puppy with his own Insta page, this guy looks tiny, but he’s got a strong kick

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