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15 Pets we wish could perform at halftime of the Puppy Bowl

Rock n' roll dog
The Puppy Bowl

Internet pet sensations

Lil’ Bub and Keyboard Cat have already been chosen as the Puppy Bowl 2014 halftime headliners. But we’ve found 15 funny, charming and unique internet pet sensations that are just as entertaining. And we wish these irresistible kitties and canines could have made the cut. What do you think?

For a big dog, this pooch sure can bust a move.


Like Lil’ Bub and Grumpy Cat, odd beauty Princess Monster Truck is ready for her close-up.


Funny dog playing football.” Need we say more?


What a team. These uber-cute kittens are natural-born showstoppers.


We know exactly how this handsome Husky, Blaze, feels. We cry, “Nooo!” every time our husband
flips to a football game. And he does the same whenever we watch any Real Housewives show.


Look at this little drummer dog go!


Someone please call Cirque du Soleil. Steve the cat can do handstands with ease.


He’s Mudd the Wonder Dog and he’ll tumble for you.

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