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Outfits that look good in pictures

Remember those group shots you took at your BFF’s birthday party and your co-worker’s wedding? Well, nowadays, let’s face it: They’re bound to wind up all over the internet. Instead of cringing at the way you look and immediately untagging, though, peep these pro pointers for working the camera in a flattering outfit that photographs flawlessly.


Stick with solid colors

Katharine McPhee wearing a blue sheath dress

We know you’ve heard it time and time again, but solid colors really do photograph the best. “If you’re tall and skinny, choose a simple sheath short silhouette in a bold color like orange,” suggests personal shopper and stylist Lori Gladstone. “On the other hand, if you have a more challenging shape, opt for a dress in a more subdued hue like black or white. Also, choose a looser, longer style to accent your face and accessories.” Bright colors tend to attract attention away from your face and toward your body, while patterns and stripes can make you look larger than you actually are.


Select a silhouette that suits you

Kim Kardashian wearing form-fitting dress

If you know you’ll be in a ton of photographs, it’s extremely important to pick a silhouette that flatters your body first and foremost, notes Gladstone. Got killer curves like Kim Kardashian? Don’t be afraid to flaunt them in a body-hugging dress that shows off all your best assets. On the shorter and heavier side? Choose a drop-waist frock or a wrap dress that will seriously complement your physique. Not in love with your arms? Make sure your dress or top has sleeves.


Put on some high heels

Alexis Bledel wearing high heels

Unless you’ll be awkwardly towering over everyone in photos, add some high heels to your outfit to lengthen your legs, make them appear leaner and accentuate your womanly figure. High heels are also a wonderful way to give yourself an instant boost of confidence, as they force you to stand up tall and exaggerate your femininity. Studies have even proven that women who wear high heels feel better about themselves, which will clearly come across in pics, believe it or not.


Choose fitted styles

Laura Whitmore wearing fitted blazer

While that oversized top may look really rad in real life, unless you’re a skinny Minnie and insanely photogenic like Nicole Richie, chances are you’ll just end up looking super sloppy and 10 pounds heavier than your true weight in pics. Now, you don’t have to rock skin-tight attire. But the more fitted the clothes are, the better.


Keep it simple

Shay Mitchelle wearing simple black dress

If there’s one style rule you should definitely adhere to when it comes to photographs, it’s to keep your outfit simple so as not to distract from your face. Well, that is, unless you’re a fashion blogger! In general, though, simple clothes in darker colors will help slim you down and disguise any figure flaws. Meanwhile, lighter colors in flesh tones can wash you out and make you look pale.


Wear something that’s chic but comfortable

Nikki Reed wearing denim

The more uncomfortable you are in your clothes, the more that will come across on camera, creating – you guessed it – a very awkward photo. So, for the best results, wear something that you not only look great in but feel great in too.

Quick tips for taking fab pics

  • Practice your smile: Sure, it sounds silly, but how else do you think celebs have discovered a unique signature smile that they use over and over again in photos? Practice makes perfect, so snap a ton of selfies at home and see which smile you like the best. Then crack that one in front of the camera.
  • Shift your weight to one leg: Drop weight instantly and create a more flattering shot simply by shifting your weight onto one leg and slightly bending the knee of the other. Another easy trick is to put your hand up on your hip and angle your body to one side. Never face the camera head-on, as this pose actually adds pounds.
  • Find the right lighting: Lighting can be the deciding factor in whether or not your photo turns out well. If you’re snapping pics outside, right before sunset or after sunrise is the ideal time. It’s important to avoid harsh shadows too, which can emphasize acne and just looks really bad.
  • Act natural: Just like you practice your smile, practice poses in the mirror too. This way you’ll feel like a complete natural, not absolutely awkward when you get in front of the camera.

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