Accessorizing tips for fashion newbies

When you’re new to fashion, it can be hard to figure out which accessories are worth adding to your wardrobe. We’ve put together the best bling to totally step up your style game.

Statement necklaces

Paris Hilton wearing pearls

Almost any necklace can make a statement if you style it right. Layer delicate chains to create a stacked look, or find a gorgeous bauble necklace to bring pizzazz to even the most basic outfit. Classics like a pearl necklace can also create an instant fashion success — try pairing them with edgier outfits or unpolished hair for a bold look.

Big watches

Toni Braxton wearing a watch

Sure, you might never use it to check the time, but a watch is still a worthy investment and a major fashion accessory that adds poise and elegance to an outfit. Choosing a face that’s about the size of your wrist will look striking but not overpowering.


Nelly Furtado wearing a scarf

They keep you warm in the winter and stylish in the spring. For newbies, try out infinity scarves, which you don’t have to worry about tying. Bold colors and patterns make a great statement, and solid, light colors can tone down an otherwise loud look.

Bracelets and bangles

Jennifer Lopez Statement bracelet

A few years ago, the more bracelets you could stack on your wrist, the more fashionable you were. Today, settle for just two or three bracelets that are so eye-catching that they will be all you need. By wearing pieces adorned with oversized stones, you’ll look trendy and can avoid giving your arms a serious workout.

Other accessory must-haves

Fedora o

Fedora or other hat

Try out several different hat styles to find one that suits your look. The best hat will look great with casual outfits and also cover up a bad hair day.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Whether they’re to keep the sun out of your eyes or just to add a touch of cool, a pair of face-framing specs is a vital accessory.

Short ankle boots

Short ankle boots

A good pair of leather boots will look great with winter wear and paired with a floral dress or denim shorts in the summer.

Bonus! Accessory myths debunked

Myth 1: Only wear accessories that match your outfit

The truth: Sometimes a mismatched accessory is exactly the way to take a look from bland to beautiful. Try mixing patterns with a scarf, or adding a pop of color with a statement ring.

Myth 2: Never mix silver and gold

The truth: Silver and gold can be very complementary, and you’ll get a wider use of your jewelry box, too. Still, some metals will clash based on their tone and brightness, so try the pieces on to see if they look garish or just right.

Myth 3: Only wear one statement piece

The truth: Statement pieces can be anything these days — shoes, scarves, necklaces, watches, you name it, and that means that people have started to expect them. How’s a girl going to turn heads? Try adding on one or two more statement pieces and let the compliments roll in!

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