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The top photography apps for travel photos


Snap. Edit. Post. Here are the best photography apps to help capture and share your travels.

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Pudding Camera, free for iPhone

Pudding Camera - free for iPhone

The Pudding Camera app is unique in that it offers nine high-quality camera settings with eight different types of film. Users can also try a variety of camera effects like fish-eye, multi-frame shots, panoramic views and a steam/fog-like effect, all while producing DSLR quality photos. The viewfinder encompasses the entire screen of the phone, making it easier to capture your complete image, and offers a preview before you actually snap the image. After getting the perfect shot, share your photo through Pudding Camera on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr.

Pixlr Express, free for iPhone and Android phones

Pixlr Express - free for iPhone and Android phones

Pixlr Express is your basic photo-editing app that lets you crop, re-size and adjust any photo by removing red-eye and whitening teeth, but what makes it stand out is the over 600 overlays and borders to enhance your image before posting it on your favorite social-media service. If all of these options overwhelm you (there are so many!), just click on the handy-dandy “Auto-Fix” to adjust poor lighting and enhance colors — all with the tap of one button.

InstaCollage Pro, free for iPhone

InstaCollage Pro - free for iPhone

How many times have you wanted to post more than one picture at the same time onto Instagram without flooding the feed of your followers? We have a solution! InstaCollage lets users create a collage of up to 14 images with creative borders like hearts, diamonds, and diagonal lines, or you can create your own borders for the photos. Get to posting a collage photo series of that fun girls’ trip or that sweet anniversary dinner with your honey.

Color Cap, free for iPhone and Android phones

Color Cap - free for iPhone and Android phones

Color Cap allows you to add captions and text to a photograph in a creative and often colorful way. You can choose from over 15 designer fonts that are preinstalled to create your captions, or you can choose from over 100 generated captions from the app itself. There are also 15 different backgrounds if you´d like to just post a quote or a phrase instead of an actual picture. This app is also great if you post high-quality images that you don’t want to get stolen from your Instagram page or blog because you can include your own personalized photo credit.

Snapseed, free for iPhone and Android phones

Snapseed - free for iPhone and Android phones

Snapseed is your basic photo-editing software that’s easy for everyday use. In addition to a one-click automatic adjustment, Snapseed allows users to sharpen image details, turn a photo into black and white, provide a vintage overlay or select a center focus point of the image and darken, blur or brighten the outer edges. Snapseed also has built-in Google+ capabilities, making it easier than ever to share your images with family and friends.

Camera+, $2 for iPhone and Android phones


The best aspect about Camera+ is how easy it is to use. There isn’t any confusing technical language like some of the other camera apps, and it’s super easy to input all of your former images and enhance everything from the color to clarity. Although the vibrancy of the overlay options in Camera+ is hard to match, there isn’t a lot about this app that makes it worth investing a dollar amount versus any of the free apps previously mentioned.

Pro HDR, $2 for iPhone and Android phones

Pro HDR - $1.99 for iPhone and Android phones

We saved the best for last. This app is by far the best on the list for travel photos because whenever you take a photo, it takes not one but two pictures, and then combines them to create the best-possible image. Even in poor lighting, say on a cloudy day, this app captures amazing photographs and adjusts for lighting and clarity on its own, so you don’t have to do a thing. Our only gripe with this app is that because it takes two photos, it’s impossible to shoot something quickly or while on the move. Still, the quality of the pictures can’t be beat.

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