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Daily quick-cleaning checklist

Make cleaning your house a breeze by doing a little at a time.

Woman cleaning apartment

Cleaning on a schedule

We all want a clean house. The trouble is, we don’t want to actually clean. Am I right, ladies? Make cleaning your house a breeze by doing a little at a time.

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a pain and it doesn’t have to take all day. In fact, taking care of just a few small tasks every day will keep them from becoming major cleaning projects down the road.

Get started

What?! Clean every day? We know, it doesn’t sound like our idea of a good time either. Trust us, though. Once you get in the habit, it’ll be super easy and you’ll fall into a routine in no time. We recommend getting started by printing out our daily quick-cleaning checklist.

Everyday tasks

Some chores you need to tackle every single day. Some of these, you probably dread (and maybe avoid), like making your bed and doing a load of laundry. Other items you might do without thinking, like wiping down the kitchen counters after dinner and taking out the trash. These small, everyday tasks might drive you crazy, but they go a long way toward making your house look clean and orderly.

Weekly tasks

Don’t spend an entire day slaving over a dirty house. Instead, break it up into rooms and tackle it day by day. We’ve divided our checklist by day of the week and assigned each day its own room. This way, you can clean and organize your home a little bit each day. Handling it all in small pieces makes it seem like much less of a task and keeps a clean house within reach at all times.

Stay motivated

There’s nothing like a to-do list staring you in the face to remind you of tasks you’ve yet to tackle. Once you’ve printed out our checklist, hang it up where you’ll see it and use it to hold yourself accountable. Don’t want to waste the paper and ink each week? No problem. Put your checklist behind a glass frame. Not only will it look pretty hanging on your wall, but you can use a washable marker to check off your tasks and wipe those checks away when it’s time to start fresh again.

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