10 Tearful reunions that will melt your heart

When you’ve had a long day, there’s nothing better than crying it out with joy by watching others have the reunions of a lifetime and reminding yourself it’s not so bad. These 10 reunions are perfect for a happy cry-fest. Grab the tissue!

Tearful woman watching videos on computer

Surprise reunion of mother and daughter
she gave up 34 years before

Jeni was only 16 when she found out she was pregnant, and she made the difficult decision to give her baby up. She found her on a Facebook group page of the adoption agency — turns out her daughter had been looking for her, too. Jeni’s other daughter worked with her new sister to give their mom the surprise of a lifetime.


Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández’s
surprise reunion with grandmother

José Fernández may seem like any other award-winning pitcher, but his story is more like that of thousands of U.S. immigrants. After attempting to defect from Cuba three times, he finally made it to the U.S. — and now he’s living the American Dream, except for one thing: He’ll never see his beloved grandmother again. Or will he?


Christian the lion never forgot the
kindness from his human rescuers

When friends John Rendall and Ace Berg wanted to visit the lion they’d rescued and subsequently released in Africa, they were told he wasn’t likely to remember them. If you’ve never seen this, you won’t believe what happened.


Steve Harvey reunited with the couple
who made his career possible

Funny man Steve Harvey wasn’t always a successful comedian with his own show and hosting gig. In his mid-20s, he was flat broke. As a birthday surprise on his show, the cast reunited him with the couple who made his career possible.


Lost dog reunites with family after almost two years

They say loyalty is a dog’s best trait, but that loyalty goes both ways.


NBA player surprised by Marine brother at practice

With a little help from the basketball player’s girlfriend and the staff of the Portland Trail Blazers, U.S. Marine Bailey Leonard surprised his brother at basketball practice.


Heart attack victim reunited with the AT&T
customer service rep who saved his life

Ron Zivin began having chest pains while discussing his phone contract on the phone with AT&T representative Kelly Hart. Trust us when we say AT&T has made a customer for (a hopefully long) life.


Boy surprised by military brother at school assembly

For one little boy in Iowa, the excitement of a school assembly turned into a cynicism-melting moment between a boy and the hero brother he hadn’t seen in ages.


Man reunited with long-lost father thanks
to reality show and a lot of luck

When Barry Bogert, Jr. appeared on a Filipino talent competition reality show, he had no idea that a series of coincidences and the kindness of a stranger and fellow orphan would make a reunion with his father and the American family he didn’t know the real reality.


Siblings reunited after 60 years thanks
to chance cruise ship encounter

After meeting a fellow Puerto Rican native on a cruise ship who knew their brother, these sisters found the brother they’d always searched for.


Military father surprises son on the 50 yard line

Master Sergeant Joseph Martel surprised his son in the last place he’d expect — on the playing field disguised as a competing player. Too bad the competing team didn’t get the extra point for assisting in this heartwarming reunion.

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