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7 Hairstyles for a fivehead

If you have a high forehead and you want off the bangs bandwagon… well, you’re preaching to the choir, sister. Here are seven techniques you can use to minimize your forehead sans bangs (and hairdresser).

I’m one of the many ladies on Team Fivehead who has gone on strike against bangs. Not only are they a pain in the tuckus to maintain, for many the excess oil can lead to breakouts (gasp!) and limp, lifeless locks that make you look like a caricature. Lucky for you, we’ve got a solution to your fivehead woes (seven, actually).


The side-swept part

Cate Blanchett with side swept hair

“Deep side-swept partings are fantastic for minimizing your forehead,” says Michael Duenas, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair Room Service. Sweep your hair across your forehead and pin behind your ear (or place in your updo).


The long layers

Jennifer Aniston with long layers

Medium to long hairstyles with layers at the eye and cheekbones help combat a high forehead. Using a center part, flat iron your hair so it looks sleek. The longer and straighter your hair, the better: The length of your hair will draw attention down to your ends and away from your forehead.


The knot

Gwen Stefani wearing a knot

“If you have a wide forehead but a rounder face, you can play with messy top knots,” says beauty expert Alexis Wolfer. “But be careful if you have a long/oval face, as it can make your face appear longer.” When putting your hair up, focus on volume: “Keep the sides slick and tight, then add some texture and a little volume to your hair when pulling back,” says Duenas. “If your hair is too slicked, the forehead is the main attraction.”


The wave

Julianne Hough's wavy hair

Short hairstyles with wavy sides give increased breadth to your face as a whole, making your forehead look more proportionate.


The side braid

Paris Hilton's side braid

A side braid draws the eye away from the top of your head to the side. Tease the hair around the sides of your head before braiding. “Bring the braid slightly past your hairline and you’re good to go,” says Duenas.


The bedhead

Alessandra Ambrosio's beadhead

Everyone loves having that one go-to style that’s effortlessly chic. This trick is better for short to medium hair: Just style your hair over the sides of your forehead to even out your features. Shake your hands through your hair with some pomade and bam, you’re ready to rock.


The side-swept curl

Carrie Underwood's side swept curl

Part your hair off to one side like you would for the side braid and use a large barrel curling iron to add a sassy amount of volume to your hair (like the wave, it’ll draw attention to the side of your face instead of your forehead). Secure with bobby pins at the back of your head so your hair doesn’t slide back to the other side.

Bonus: Headbands 101

Don’t use a headband to push all the hair back from your face (otherwise, you might look like you have a sixhead). Instead, style your hair and then place the headband on top, like a garnish for your hair.

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