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6 Effective tricks for stress-free business trips

Business travel can take a toll on your body. Discover simple tips and tricks that help you lower travel stress and illness.

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Enjoy smoother business travel

Business travel can take a toll on your body. Discover simple tips and tricks that help you lower travel stress and illness.

Travel easier on your next business trip. With these six clever tips, you’ll sleep better, feel better and avoid getting sick.


Don’t overload your shoulders

case with wheels

Walking through airports with a heavy bag can leave you with sore shoulders and a tension headache. Instead of relying on painkillers and gritting your teeth through meetings, make sure everything you’re carrying is easy on your body. Don’t load your handbag with heavy items. Invest in a case with wheels and a sturdy telescoping handle. (Wayfair, $110)


Use travel-friendly aromatherapy

 essential oil blend

Essential oils have power far beyond making your house smell nice. Travel with blends that help you with common issues like digestion, nausea and sleeplessness. You don’t need to be an aromatherapist to get a blend that really works. Try a ready-made essential oil blend you can roll onto your skin when you need a boost on the road. (Sephora, $29)


Don’t forget to take your vitamins


Travelers report that mileage may vary when it comes to using vitamins and supplements. If you generally incorporate supplements into your nutrition habits, it doesn’t hurt to continue that boost when you’re traveling. Airborne, one of the first travel-themed supplements to hit the market, now has a chewable option. It’s perfect for popping when you take flight. Always wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer with you to help avoid germs in the first place. (Drugstore, $6)


Improve your hotel’s atmosphere

calming linen spray

Lower stress by getting better sleep on the road. Even a budget hotel can feel like a spa if you do some re-arranging. When you’re ready to sleep, use a calming white-noise app on your phone to drown out ambient hotel sounds. Then hit the bed with a calming linen spray to get rid of that sterile hotel smell. And consider packing your own pillow. Always take a soothing shower and remove your makeup before you go to bed, even if you’re exhausted. (L’OCCITANE, $22)


Schedule time for yourself


Business travel is often rushed and hectic. That pace takes a toll on you quickly. Even if you have a busy itinerary, make some time that’s just for you. This might be a scheduled call home to check in with loved ones or a trip to the spa in your hotel. If you love food, try a new restaurant for a quiet break from the pace of your business travel. Bring a reading device, and lose yourself in a fun book when you have downtime. (Target, $56)


Pack wrinkle-free clothes

no-iron fitted shirt

Don’t stress about your clothes. Instead of wrangling a hotel iron at 7 a.m., pack clothes that withstand being folded. Try a no-iron fitted shirt that will look sharp after you’ve packed it and aired it out in your hotel room. Remember to wear shoes you’re comfortable in. A business trip is no time to break in a new pair of pumps. (Jones New York, $79)

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