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12 Clever wreaths you can make from food

Making your own wreath can be simple and very cheap, especially if you make one from food. These edible arrangements can be made with your favorite foods, and all cost less than $25. Take that, Joss and Main!

Cute wreaths collage

These amazing wreaths can be made in less than an hour and only cost about $25 to assemble. Plus, they can be made with things you probably have in your pantry. These make great rainy-day crafts for bored kids and can be fun gifts for teachers or friends.


Gumdrop wreath

Gumdrop wreath

There’s nothing better than candy, except maybe a wreath made of candy. Not only is this pretty to look at, it gets rid of all the candy in your pantry, so thank us when your skinny jeans fit again!


Marshmallow wreath

Marshmallow wreath

Photo credit: The Sweet Escape

Who puts their marshmallows just in hot chocolate anymore? We don’t, we make wreaths with them instead. This fluffy wreath is a fun and pretty way to accent your door or wall for winter.


Mini-cornflake Christmas wreaths

Mini cornflake Christmas wreaths

Image credit: Bonnibella

Not all wreaths have to hang on doors or above mantles. These adorable bite-size wreaths are great for holiday place cards and can be a fantastic craft for crafty kids.


Sugar-cookie wreath

Sugar cookie wreath

Image credit: Sweetopia

There’s nothing more patriotic than a red, white and blue wreath made from sugar cookies, right? We didn’t think so either. This fun and festive wreath is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day.


Rock-candy wreath

Rock candy wreath

Image credit: Food Network

Because it’s made from sugar and candy, this rock-candy wreath will last far longer than the evergreen ones or the ones made from flowers or branches. Plus, it’s made from candy, so it’s pretty “sweet.”


Cupcake wreath

Cupcake wreath

This wreath is made entirely out of cupcakes and makes a fabulous centerpiece for any holiday brunch. Plus, you can completely customize the frosting color and add-ons to make this appropriate for any season.


Green herb and olive wreath

Green herb and olive wreath

Image credit: Julia M. Usher

Your holiday wreath has never looked so fancy. This olive, green herb and mozzarella wreath is the perfect accent for your dinner parties or book club. Not only does it look elegant, it’s pretty cheap to make, too.


Ham, cheese and vegetable wreath

Ham, cheese and vegetable wreath

Image credit: Tablespoon

Forget finger sandwiches, vegetables, cheese or charcuterie platters for your party, and serve up this festive wreath instead. Made from crispy baked crackers, cream cheese, ham, turkey and vegetables, this delectable wreath tastes as good as it looks.


Mint candy wreath

Mint candy wreath

Image credit: Dreamy Whites

Mints aren’t just for bad breath anymore, they also make fabulous wreaths. We love this adorable mint wreath made by Dreamy Whites. This is a fabulous wintertime accessory for your wall or door.


Garlic-bulb wreath

Garlic bulb wreath

Photo credit: Inspire Bohemia

Whether you’re trying to keep away vampires or just want some fun, rustic decor, this garlic-bulb wreath is one of our favorites. We love the country charm it adds to this wooden door, don’t you? If you don’t love garlic, sub in your favorite bulb-type vegetable, like artichokes or turnips.


Popcorn wreath

Popcorn wreath

Photo credit: Shelterness

We don’t know about you, but this would be the hardest not to eat, don’t you think? It may take a bit of time to assemble (and make a bit of a mess), but this fun wreath is a great summertime accent to your door or wall. Plus, it’s a fun craft for kids.


Edible pavlova wreath

Edible pavlova wreath

Image credit: The Cake Bar

This is easily one of the most beautiful wreaths on our list, and it looks absolutely beautiful as a centerpiece for any dinner party. Use whatever berries are in season to save on the cost, but we love the look of the strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries.

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