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DIY edible candy bra

A Valentine’s Day-themed candy bra is a sweet way to spice things up! Make this custom all-pink bra to help celebrate the day.

DIY Candy heart bra |

DIY candy heart bra


  • Candy jewelry (I used about 25 bracelets)
  • Thick pink ribbon
  • Thin light pink ribbon
  • Scissors

DIY Candy heart bra



Disassemble jewelry

DIY Candy heart bra

Cut the elastic of the bracelets and pile up the candy beads.


Triangle outline

DIY Candy heart bra

Cut a long piece of the thin pink ribbon, long enough for the outline of 1 triangle. Feed a candy through the ribbon and tie in a double knot to secure. Then string on enough of the candy beads to make up the top 2 sides of the first triangle. Tie a knot at the last bead to secure.

DIY Candy heart bra

Mark the middle by tying a piece of the thicker pink ribbon at the middle of your candy strand. This will be 1 of the 2 halter straps.

DIY Candy heart bra

Finish the triangle by adding more beads to the thin pink ribbon and tie to the beginning of the strand.


Fill in the triangle

DIY Candy heart bra

Cut a small piece of thin ribbon a bit longer than the width of the bottom of the triangle. Count up 2 candies from the bottom row and tie a knot to the ribbon of the outline. String on some beads to fill in the row and tie to the other side of the outline. Cut off excess ribbon. Follow these steps, using fewer beads as you go farther up the triangle. Keep going until the triangle is completely filled in, making each row the same distance apart.

DIY Candy heart bra

Repeat these steps for the second triangle of the candy bra.

DIY Candy heart bra


Finishing touches

DIY Candy heart bra

Now that both triangles are done and both halter straps are tied on, you’ll tie on the straps that wrap around the back and 1 in the middle. Finish the look with a bow at the top of a triangle.

DIY Candy heart bra


When not wearing the DIY candy bra, store in an airtight container or Ziploc bag. Use more or less of the candy depending on the bra size you need!

DIY Candy heart bra

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