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Funky stud earrings for every day

Stud earrings don’t have to be a boring accessory for the days you can barely pull yourself together in time for work. Here are 10 stud earrings that are both unique and practical for everyday wear.

All too often, stud earrings are the fashion terrain of pearls and diamonds. But what’s a trendy girl going to do with boring old gemstones? Check out these cute and funky earrings that you can feel proud to wear every day.


Sweetie Gems "Quotation Marks"

Sweetie Gems “Quotation Marks”

These little stud earrings from Sweetie Gems will leave people with question marks (but don’t quote us on that). Trendy enough to look enigmatic and practical enough for versatile wear, you can pair them with your weekend or work wardrobe. Who said grammar isn’t fun? (Sweetie Gems, $19)


Dotoly Plus "Pretty Floral"

Dotoly Plus “Pretty Floral”

Talk about a deal! These pink resin earrings summon the heart and soul of vintage fashion, but for only a fraction of the price. Wear these Dotoly Plus earrings for a fun and flirty take on your look. (Dotoly Plus, $4)


Modcloth "Dramatic Style"

Modcloth “Dramatic Style”

Part stud earring and part dangly, these Modcloth blue gems are sure to pop against a background of flowing tresses. Wear with a simple black dress, or make heads turn by complementing with red or orange. (Modcloth, $14)


Anthropologie "Pave Posts"

Anthropologie “Pave Posts”

Pearls are the boring wear of women who have resigned themselves to decorative doilies and keepsake dolls (no offense). But these smashing little Anthropologie pearl pave earrings are updated and perfect for a girl like you! (Anthropologie, $24)


Bing Bang NYC "Tiny Skulls"

Bing Bang NYC “Tiny Skulls”

OK, maybe you shouldn’t wear these Bing Bang NYC skull stud earrings every day, especially if you work in a conservative office setting. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can give yourself a bit of an edge because they look like gold posts from a distance — but pretty rockin’ for anyone up close and personal. (Bing Bang NYC, $42)



Claire’s “Infinity”

You can channel Revenge‘s Emily Thorne with these gorgeous and simple infinity studs from Claire’s. They’re demure but powerful, just like you. Not only that, they can go from day to night with a swap of your necklace. (Claire’s, $7).


BKE "Rhinestone"

BKE “Rhinestone”

Kind of gold and kind of diamond-ish, these rhinestone earrings by BKE will light up your eyes with just the right amount of sparkle. But unlike gold and unlike diamonds, they won’t set you back a fortune. (BKE, $10)


Artfire "Funky Owl"

Artfire “Funky Owl”

Owls have made their way into nursery decor, IKEA prints and our hearts. It’s time to let them land on your ears with these funky Artfire earrings. At just a few dollars, you can relegate them to your closet once the world moves on to another favorite bird of the moment. (Artfire, $8)


NiceLena "Color Block Mod"

NiceLena “Color Block Mod”

Look no further than Etsy shops for all of your adorable stud earring needs. We especially like these hand-painted color block studs from shop NiceLena for their boldness and practicality. (Etsy, $12)


Blue Nile "Aquamarine Studs"

Blue Nile “Aquamarine Studs”

Your wardrobe just isn’t complete without a pair of classy studs. Stay away from diamonds by selecting your birthstone — unless you’re an April baby. For instance, we just love these aquamarine studs from Blue Nile for a March baby. (Blue Nile, $350)

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