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22 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs so You’ll Have Plenty of Spare Time

The “work hard, play hard” mentality has been totally ingrained in us for years — but if we spend all our time working, when the heck are we supposed to play? The good news is there are more part-time jobs out there that pay more than minimum wage than you probably think.

Still, a lot of these jobs do require a ton of skill, and you might need to study or train before jumping in. So, yes, you’ll be working hard — but you’ll also have more time to enjoy the money you’re earning.

Here are 22 part-time jobs, side hustles, and gigs that pay better than most.

1. Tutor

Tutors can work in person or even online. Online tutors typically make less, but the job is more flexible since you can work from home. In-person tutors can charge $30 per hour or more.

2. School bus driver

School bus drivers typically work less than 20 hours per week and average more than $15 an hour.

3. Travel agent

Love booking vacations and helping others make their travel dreams come true? If so, consider working as a part-time travel agent. Most are paid on commission, but top earners can make over $40,000 per year.

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4. Administrative assistant

Admin assistants don’t just work full-time in an office setting anymore. They can work from home, work part-time or work as an assistant to a CEO. Pay can vary from $10 an hour to $25 an hour.

5. Mail carrier

Mail carriers work 20 hours per week on average and make $19 an hour or more.

6. Dental hygienist

Though you’ll need an associate’s degree, you’ll make an average of $32 an hour for this low-stress, in-demand part-time job.

7. Makeup artist

You can often set your own hours, work at a makeup counter or specialize in events such as weddings or anniversary parties. At companies like MAC, you’ll earn an average of $18 an hour.

8. Private fitness instructor

You can get your Pilates or yoga license and start teaching private lessons from the comfort of your own home. You can charge $20 per hour or more, depending on your experience and what your clients are willing to pay.

9. Small-business owner

If you’re the crafty type, sell your artwork on websites such as Etsy. Salary varies depending on how many sales you make, but the more you put into your small business, the more you’ll get out of it.

10. Bank teller

Bank tellers start out around $12 an hour on average. Other perks of the job include benefits, the option to work part-time and the option to contribute to a retirement account.

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A version of this article was originally published in February 2014.

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