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10 Ways to show your cat you love her

Ready to heap some TLC on your kitty? We’ve got everything from delicious treats to over-the-top cat runs. Show your cat how much you care.

Cat love

Splurge on serious TLC for your cat

Ready to heap some TLC on your kitty? We’ve got everything from delicious treats to over-the-top cat runs. Show your cat how much you care.

Your cat provides you companionship, a warm snuggle buddy and laughs when you need them the most. It’s time to show her how much you care. Try one of these 10 ways to show your cat how much you love her. There’s something here for every cat-care budget.


Let your cat play

multi-level outdoor cat playpen

Give your indoor cat a safe place to sun and admire birds with a cool multi-level outdoor cat playpen. Don’t forget to spend quality time with your cat while he’s outside. (Wayfair, $200)


Keep the litter box extra clean

CatGenie litter box

Litter box innovations continue to take the work and odor out of your cat’s bathroom habits. Delight your cat with litter that’s always fresh thanks to the CatGenie litter box. (Petco, $300)


Share some real tuna

freeze-dried cat treats

Love sushi? So does your cat. Give her a safe, delicious fish snack with freeze-dried cat treats made of real tuna. (Entirely Pets, $10)


Offer a super-cool cat bed

bamboo cat bed

Your cat loves to be off the ground while napping. Create an eye-catching space for your kitty with a bamboo cat bed with a washable cushion. (Petco, $300)


Always have fresh water available

ceramic cat fountain

Finicky cats love fresh, running water. A ceramic cat fountain gives your cat the option to drink from moving water or still water. The sleek design looks great in your home. (Petco, $70)


Allow plenty of clawing and scratching

cardboard lounger

Does your cat love to scratch your furniture? Give her a place to rest and scratch away with a stylish cardboard lounger that fits in with your modern home. (Wayfair, $50)


Give your cat a place to work out

large cat perch

Cats love to jump and play. This large cat perch features play elements and nap zones for the ultimate in indoor cat exercise. (Wayfair, $70)


Cook your own homemade cat food

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook

Whether your cat has health issues or you just want the very best for him, homemade is the way to go. Use a cookbook like The Natural Pet Food Cookbook to find safe recipes. (Rakuten, $14)


Make your cat crazy with a fun toy

interactive cat toy

Cats love to hunt. This interactive cat toy uses a cat’s natural curiosity to fuel an infuriating little ball. Cats love the endless chase. (Amazon, $11)


Give your cat a kitty-sized mansion

cat mansion

Cats love to climb. Show your cat how much you care by giving her a safe, healthy way to scale “trees.” This cat mansion will delight kittens and frisky older cats. (Wayfair, $215)

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