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How to protect your boots before you store them


Getting ready to store those winter boots as spring rolls around? Make sure you keep these tips in mind to protect the leather, shine and shape until next year.

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While we can’t wait to rock sandals instead of those bulky boots as the weather starts to warm up, you don’t want to just throw that winter footwear in your closet with minimal protection. You must store and maintain your boots properly to avoid any unwanted scrapes, scuffs and other damages. That way, your feet will look fresh and brand new come next December.

Not sure how to take care of those boots? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Just follow our fool-proof guide below!


Head to a cobbler

To ensure your boots are in tiptop shape before next year, head to your local cobbler to fix any issues your shoes may have. Your footwear will then be ready to go the second the temperature begins to drop. What can you have done at the shoe repair shop? Resole your kicks, fix any damaged heels, smooth out scuffing and more.


Use a suede eraser

The easiest way to make suede new again before next season? Use a suede eraser to rid away any unwanted marks. The best part? You can pick one up at your local drugstore. So easy!


Clear away salt stains

Are your boots covered in gross salt marks from the sidewalks? Rub the nasty stains away with a little vinegar and water.


Change the insoles

To keep your boots feeling (and smelling fresh), change out the insoles before you store away.


Use shoe trees

Your boots will keep their original, perfect shape if you insert them into wooden shoe trees. They also draw sweat out of leather to keep them smelling brand new.



Your boots are bound to look a tad worn over time, but that can easily be fixed with simple polish, which smooths out the leather, keeping it beautifully supple.


Invest in shoe bags

Don’t just toss your boots in a bin — stack them nicely in your closet, each with their own dedicated cloth shoe bag. That way, they’ll stay in perfect shape — especially if you do any of the above work on them.

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