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Countertop accessories with a cool winter vibe

The holidays are over, but it’s still cold and gray outside. Keep your kitchen cool and wintery while still pretty and inviting by sprucing up your countertops.

Sigh. The winter grays can make even the newest, prettiest kitchen seem a little drab post-holidays. Our prescription: lots of sparkle, cheery whites and cool blues. Try a few of these wintery accessories to add new life to your kitchen this season.

Animalistic vibes

(W)hoooo doesn’t love owls?

(W)hoooo doesn't love owls?

This guy is super sparkly and ready to watch over the dessert. Find him a friend or two and line them up on the back of the counter, on the windowsill or the island. (, $20-28)

Rack up your candles

Rack up your candles

Everyone loves a chunky pillar candle holder. Go rustic chic with a bright white faux antler version to bring a little outdoors in. (Target, $12)

More antlers, please

More antlers, please

Keep showing your love for deer with embroidered linens. From antler-adorned cotton napkins to stoic tea towels, they’re sure to add a new level of cool to the kitchen. (Etsy, $10-20)

Slur of the penguin

Slur of the penguin

Spice up your countertop bar with this adorably sassy penguin-shaped cocktail mixer. (Pier1, $19)

Change up your coffee routine

One more way to stick with the antler theme: Mugs with antler graphics. (Zazzle, $16) Switch out your normal mugs with these themed options. Or vote for these mugs with antler-shaped handles to find their way onto

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