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15 Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark Excessively and Will Keep Your Neighbors Happy

11. Greyhound

Image: liz west/Flickr

The fastest in the dog world, the Greyhound is also a loyal companion who doesn’t see barking excessively as a way of life.

12. Saluki

Image: Renée Johnson/Flickr

A graceful canine, the Saluki is a high-energy dog that will instinctively run after anything that moves. However, this gorgeous dog is a calm, quiet companion when it’s been adequately exercised.

13. Bulldog

Image: Chase Elliott Clark/Flickr

Despite its sour-mug face, the Bulldog is a gentle, lovable canine that is an excellent family pet that won’t annoy you with unnecessary barking.

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14. Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhound
Image: Westend61/Getty Images

A canine giant, the Irish Wolfhound isn’t an excessive barker, but it will take over your comfy furniture and eat up your dog food budget.

15. Great Dane

Great Dane
Image: philhearing/Flickr

If allowed or if ignored by your too-busy schedule, the Great Dane will develop an annoyingly attention-getting bark. However, this lovably large pup is generally not a nuisance barker.

Important note: Though some dog breeds are known for being less inclined to bark excessively, any dog can become a nuisance barker if it isn’t well-trained or it isn’t getting the attention it needs. If your dog is a compulsive barker, regardless of breed, talk to your vet or a dog training expert to determine the cause and find ways to help your pup understand there’s an appropriate time and place for barking (and constantly isn’t one of them).

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