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Ask the man panel: Is this really sexy?

Us girls really love us some bold red lipstick and funky nail art. But are the beauty and fashion trends we’re totally into actually sexy to men? We decided to take it upon ourselves to find out!

Bold red lipstick

Bold red lipstick: Use it sparingly

“This can work if you’re headed out to a nightclub. But please spare us from seeing it at the office. It looks like you’re trying too hard.” – Mike T., 31

“Not a fan. My mom always wore lipstick, complaining she had pale lips otherwise. Reminding me of mom is not a turn on.” – Zack S., 29

“Red lipstick is appropriate in some circumstances with some outfits. But if you’re going to the grocery store, it’s not necessary.” – Matt F., 26

Woman in lingerie

Crazy lingerie: Sexy if it’s easy to take off

“Depends on the mood. Sometimes simple is best because it leaves a little to the imagination.” – Matt F., 26

“I think it’s more a matter of highlighting your assets (or possibly the parts the man in question likes best). Also, the lingerie is going to need to come off at some point, so depending on who is doing the removing, I would factor in how easy it is to do so.” – Alexander P., 29

“I’m open-minded. It should not take more than five minutes to put on though.” – Zack S., 29


Decorating down there (AKA vajazzling): So not sexy

“Nope. Sounds like it would just make for a rough, painful ride.” – Matt F., 26

“I saw this once and thought, ‘Wow, that is desperate.'” – Mike T., 31

“No, it’s weird and who are you going to tell about your girlfriend’s iced out hooha.” – Edgar C., 32

“Definitely no! It is complicated enough down there without adding accessories.” – Christopher L., 41

Fake lashes

Fake eyelashes: Sexy if they’re not too dramatic

“Yes! Especially with a smoky eye look. This one works.” – Mike T., 31

“They look good on, but it’s creepy to see them on the bathroom counter.” – Zack S., 29

“Fake eyelashes, when not done to a ridiculous extreme, can help bring out a person’s eyes, which can definitely be sexy, especially when she knows how to bat her eyelashes in just the right way.” – Alexander P., 29

Platinum blonde hair:

Platinum blond hair: Somewhat sexy

“If an American man tells you he doesn’t like platinum blond hair, that means you are a brunette and he is lying.” – Mike T., 31

“The color of the topping doesn’t matter; it’s what’s inside that counts. Unless there is a strong personality to counter the stereotype though, platinum is a billboard for lowered IQ.” – Don S., 54

“It can be hot, depending on the girl. However, a girl with platinum hair will never meet my parents.” – Zack S., 29

Nail art

Nail art: Sexy to some guys, so not to others

“This makes you look crazy and trashy. I once hooked up with a woman who had Philadelphia Phillies-themed nails. You just can’t think, ‘She’s a keeper.’” – Mike T., 31

“Yes, but you can’t be handicapped (not able to use your hands) because of the art.” – Edgar C., 32

“I once met a woman who had painted Daleks on her fingers and a TARDIS on her thumb. As a Doctor Who fan, I fell in love. Otherwise, nail art does nothing for me.” – Alexander P., 29

Super high heels

Super high heels: Super sexy

“Yes, it makes the calves tighten and gives the appearance of more muscle definition.” – Christopher L., 41

“Unless these heels make you 6-foot-9, then absolutely this is a sexy look.” – Mike T., 31

“They’re good for some occasions. Not every day though, just when you’re getting all dolled up for a party or something.” – Matt F., 26


Leggings as pants: Sexy (most of the time)

“Sexy, but only if they’re basic black, gray or dark blue. Skip the leopard print, etc.” – Zack S., 29

“Absolutely attractive! They make your legs and ass look great yet still leave plenty to the imagination.” – Alexander P., 29

“This works for artsy girls and yoga classes.” – Mike T., 31

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans: Not sexy

“If I wanted to date a grandmother, I’d go try to meet someone at community bingo night.” – Mike T., 31

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man say, ‘Wow those high-waisted jeans look great’ unless specifically asked by his girlfriend who he did not want to upset.” – Alexander P., 29

“Not sexy at all. Where’d the butt go?” – Zack S., 29

Glam makeup

Glam makeup 24/7: So not sexy

“Waste of time. If you’re waking up next to someone, they should be invested enough to not be concerned about your makeup.” – Matt F., 26

“Please, no. It’s wonderful to play dress-up for special events, but no one gets extra points for wearing the uniform away from the field.” – Don S., 54

“Definitely not. Huge turnoff if it takes more than 10 minutes to put on makeup.” – Zack S., 29

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