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DIY heart-shaped necklaces for your Valentine

Are you looking for a fun, trendy gift you can give your significant other, sister, best friend or cousin? Forget candies, chocolates, flowers or store-bought jewelry and make one of these beautiful and easy necklaces instead.

DIY heart-shaped necklaces for your Valentine

These adorable necklaces are as fun to make as they are to wear. From beaded pendants to a cute necklace made from buttons, there’s a cute DIY for just about anyone, no matter what her fashion preferences are. We don’t know about you, but we’d love to open one of these on Valentine’s Day!


Beaded heart necklace

Beaded heart necklace

Photo credit: A Bit of Sunshine

How cute is this beaded heart necklace? All you need are a bunch of white, black and pink beads and some gold wire and a chain. This would totally update any old white T-shirt and jeans outfit, don’t you think? Image and tutorial provided by A Bit of Sunshine.


Dessert candy heart necklace

Dessert Candy Heart Necklace

Photo credit: Shauna Younge

This takes edible necklaces to a whole new adult level. These sweet necklaces are great gifts for anyone on your list, including your best friend, daughter or partner in crime.


Mod Podge pendant

Mod Podge pendant

Photo credit: ModPodge Rocks

We hate to pick favorites, but this has to be one of them. We love the gorgeous little heart glued onto the bright-turquoise pendant. Not only will this be cute with any Valentine’s Day outfit, but it will work all season with any of your favorite shirts or dresses. Image via Mod Podge Rocks.


Fluffy pom-pom necklace

Fluffy pom necklace

Photo credit: Crafts Unleashed

This is the perfect necklace to make with your daughter on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun, really cheap to assemble and is completely kid-friendly. These would make great Valentine’s Day gifts for all of her girlfriends at school. Image and tutorial via Crafts Unleashed.


Delicate wire heart necklace

Delicate wire heart necklace

Photo credit: the Quiet Lion Art Blog

Why spend over $25 on a wire necklace from a trendy clothing store when you can easily make your own? These cute metal hearts add a dash of punk flair to any outfit and can be worn all year-round. For less than $10, you really can’t beat that. Photo and tutorial via the Quiet Lion Art Blog.


Cute decoupage heart necklace

Cute decoupage heart necklace

Photo credit: Shelterness

How cute are these decoupage necklaces? What we love most about these is how easy they are to customize with fun fabric, bright colors and different sizes. Plus, you can hang them from pretty colored ribbons and felt.


Celtic knot heart necklace

DIY celtic heart knot necklace

Photo credit: Clones N Clowns by Aimee

This may be a little tricky to assemble, but the end result is so worth it. The multi-colored strings and traditional Celtic heart make one beautifully meaningful Valentine’s Day necklace. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry no one else will have.


Pom-pom heart necklace

Pom Pom heart necklace

Photo credit: Happy Together

This is the dream necklace for any girly girl on your list. It’s funky, vibrant and trendy, and it will turn any outfit from drab to fab. The bright colors will make it a great addition to your Valentine’s Day outfit, even if you are single.


Valentine thumbprint hearts

Valentine thumbprint hearts

Photo credit: That’s what Che Said

Like the candy necklace but so much more chic. These adorable thumbprint necklaces are made from oven-baked clay, pretty-colored paint and glitter and fun metal strings. Plus, you can make different colors to match your outfits.


Simple heart pendant

Simple heart pendant

Photo credit: Fabric Paper Glue

Who said you needed a bunch of chunky fabric, buttons or balls to make a necklace beautiful? This simple heart pendant is comprised of just one heart and one chain, but it makes a huge statement. Imagine this paired with a fluffy white blouse or black dress? Image and necklace tutorial by Fabric Paper Glue.

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