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12 Beginner tools you need to get it done around the house

Whether you’re a DIY maven or you only fix thing when they break, you need a good set of tools. Boost your fix-it power with these 12 tools every woman should own.

1. Cordless drill

Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a major must-have in any home. Hang your own shelves, install lights and drill holes for hardware with ease. Don’t forget a good set of drill bits. (Home Depot, $79)

2. Hammer


You never know when it’s going to be hammer time. Claw hammers are an important necessity and an easy, budget-friendly way to complete basic projects like hanging frames. (Ace Hardware, $6)

3. Laser level

Laser level

Don’t trust your ability to eyeball a straight line. Pick up an inexpensive laser level to ensure that frames, shelves and other installations are even. (Target, $12)

4. Wire cutters

Wire cutters

Many light fixtures are simple to replace. Keep a pair of handy wire cutters and strippers on hand to make quick work of basic electrical projects. (Amazon, $8)

5. Pliers


Every tool collection needs a basic set of assorted pliers. Needle-nose pliers are especially handy, usually when you least expect it. (Lowe’s, $11)

6. Tape measure

Tape measure

Before you go hunting for furniture, always take measurements. A tape measure makes it easy to know exactly what dimensions you’re dealing with. (Home Depot, $10)

7. Utility knife

Utility knife

Snap-off blades ensure that your utility knife is always sharp. Use it to open packages or cut wallpaper. (Amazon, $2)

8. Portable tool box

Portable tool box

Keep your tools organized in a handy toolbox you can toss in the car or drag around the house as you complete home improvement projects. (Home Depot, $35)

9. Screwdriver set

Screwdriver set

Use a screwdriver set with multiple bits to take on any basic projects in your home. Never freak out looking for a flat-head screwdriver again. (Lowe’s, $20)

10. Straight-edge ruler

Straight edge ruler

You’ll be surprised at how often a good straight-edge ruler comes in handy. Great for measuring or drawing cutting lines, it’s a tool kit essential. (Home Depot, $11)

11. Orbital sander

Orbital sander

If you’ve never had to sand anything in your life, you can skip this one. If you’ve ever sanded and hated doing it by hand, pick up an orbital sander. This is great for light painting projects. (Target, $30)

12. Hacksaw

Hack saw

You may not have to saw often, but when you do have small sawing projects and you haven’t leveled up to needing a power saw, a hacksaw is the way to go. (Home Depot, $16)

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