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10 Romantic bedrooms you’ll love

Discover 10 bedrooms that will inspire you this Valentine’s Day. Make your room a sultry destination by borrowing these fabulous ideas.

Sweet love nests
to inspire you

10 Romantic bedrooms you'll love

Discover 10 bedrooms that will inspire you this Valentine’s Day.
Make your room a sultry destination by borrowing these fabulous ideas.


What makes a bedroom romantic? That’s up to you. Some designers find romance in a clean, modern look. Others find romance in charming vintage details. Whatever your style, you’ll want to curl up with your man in one of these 10 romantic bedrooms.

Dramatic wallpaper

Dramatic wallpaper

Photo credit: Miss Mustard Seed

Graphic wallpaper and unique wall art give this romantic bedroom drama and style. Marian from Miss Mustard Seed created the look by rehabbing furniture and designing her own style elements.


Elegant gray walls

Elegant grey walls

Photo credit: Your Homebased Mom

“The thing I love most about my bedroom is the peaceful, calming effect it has on me,” says Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mom. “I love being in my room, whether it is curled up in my little chair in the corner reading or wrapped up in my comfy bedding.” Get the look with pale gray walls and a romantic white comforter.


Exotic escape

Exotic escape

Photo credit: Oliver and Rust

“Our room is an eclectic neutral space reflecting both of us that we can retreat to at the end of a long day and instantly feel relaxed, as we do not have a television or any other electronics in there,” says Meg from Oliver and Rust. “The space is our place to reconnect, away from our busy lives.”


Vintage neutrals

Vintage neutrals

Photo credit: From Gardners 2 Bergers

“I created this space because I’m an MBA student and my husband and I live in a little apartment. But I was once told by my grandmother that any space is your space if you make it so,” says Becca of From Gardners 2 Bergers. “Though my apartment is not like my previous, big house, it feels like home when I take little steps to beautify and enrich it.”


Antique charm

Antique charm

Photo credit: Creatively Living

Katie from Creatively Living created a bedroom escape using neutral tones, antique treasures and a chandelier above the bed as a romantic centerpiece.


Modern love

Modern love

Photo credit: Home Coming

“My favorite part about our new master bedroom is the DIY fabric headboard that we fashioned after some high-end designs we liked,” says Kayla from Home Coming. “For under $100 we were able to have a high-impact headboard that’s a beautiful focal point of our room.” Get the look with modern fixtures and a clutter-free room.


Cottage sweetness

Cottage sweetness

Photo credit: Our Prairie Home

“At our age, romance has everything to do with being able to have a haven to relax and retreat from our busy life of raising five very active children,” says Laura from Our Prairie Home. “Vintage and comfort come together in my favorite element of the room — the no-sew duvet cover made from a canvas painter’s drop cloth. The down-filled duvet is perfect for snuggling during our frigid Iowa winters!”


Sunny sanctuary

Sunny sanctuary

Photo credit: Top This Top That

“My bedroom is my sanctuary, so I wanted to give the space a calming, peaceful vibe with little distraction,” says Laura from Top This Top That. “My use of clean white bedding against soft gray walls in Rhinestone from Sherwin Williams evokes an understated elegance, sure to produce even the sweetest of dreams.”


Rustic inspiration

Rustic inspiration

Photo credit: Redhead Can Decorate

“Our bedroom is fairly small and dark for a master bedroom,” says Julie from Redhead Can Decorate. “After painting it white, and filling it with rustic decor, it feels more like a romantic, cottage retreat.” Get inspired by travel-themed decor that reminds you of adventures with your spouse.


Stunning mirrors

Stunning mirrors

Photo credit: Amanda Carol Interiors

“Being a designer and working with lots of color on a day to day basis, it’s nice to come home to the simple, clean palette in our room,” says Amanda from Amanda Carol Interiors, who created a chic sanctuary using a huge mirror as an accent piece. When it comes to romance, the clean colors and mirrored surfaces are perfect for focusing on each other.

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